Alison Rentoul

Born in Melbourne, Australia, Alison came to Europe in her early twenties and began her career in yachting in 1998. After many years cruising throughout the Mediterranean and Caribbean as a superyacht stewardess and chef, followed by a reputable career in marketing for many of the industry’s leading players, Alison retrained as a professional development coach and founded the Crew Coach in 2009. Alison is 100% committed to helping people discover what they are deeply passionate about and truly capable of, and giving them clarity and focus on how to go forth and bring their aspirations to life. The Crew Coach offers career coaching, CV services, leadership training and team workshops to help clients leverage their personal and team potential to create success in their chosen field of yachting. We coach individual crew at all levels of their career and also work with Captains, owners, and senior crew to build high performing teams and develop outstanding industry reputations.

Girls on Deck

Girls on Deck: Connecting Female Exterior and Engineering Superyacht Crew Leading the way towards gender equality within the Superyacht industry ANTIBES, June 06, 2016 Leading superyacht crew coach, Alison Rentoul, announced today that she has teamed up with Bosun Sophie Jordan to create Girls on Deck, which is an initiative …

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Reclaiming the Galley Without Boiling Over

Question: Ben, Chef 33: “My galley seems to have become the new favourite space for everyone to hang out and chat. If it’s not the stews gossiping in the pantry, it’s the deckies or Captain coming in for a chat and asking what’s for dinner. Sometimes crew start congregating about …

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Crew Phones: Give Them the Float Test?

Question: Geoff, Captain: “Every time I see my crew these days they seem to be on their blooming mobile phones. No-one talks to each other in the crew mess anymore and I’m sure their work is suffering because they’re obsessed with checking their phones every two seconds! They’re using up …

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Boost Crew Performance With Annual Appraisals

Performance = Potential (minus Interference) Boost crew performance, reduce personnel problems and build loyalty with regular private and confidential individual and team appraisals. Set clear objectives and explore how they will be achieved, with the full agreement of everyone involved. This comprehensive service is designed to give DPAs, Management, Owners …

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