Saturday , August 13 2022

Bita Fallah

Cooking has always been my passion - a skill I developed from a very young age, watching and copying my grandmother and mother. I learned to cook with passion and love to the highest standards, using the finest, freshest ingredients and now wish to share the wonderful tastes, textures and culture of Persian food at my “Authentic Persian Supper Club”. That passion grows every day. When I came to London in 1999 it wasn’t easy to find an authentic Persian restaurant which offered true Persian cuisine coupled with our very special brand of hospitality. Recently I decided to launch my own “Authentic Persian Supper club” so that people in London could experience the truly exquisite cuisine and warm hospitality found in Persian homes and restaurants back home.

Persian Food

Previously when friends, colleagues and acquaintances explained their assumptions about Persian food they always thought this regional cuisine was similar to Indian, Turkish, Arabic and other neighbouring countries.  Everyone is always surprised and intrigued when they sample authentic Persian food due to its unique taste and flavours.  I have always …

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