Estate & Manor

Estate & Manor is an online magazine portal which is dedicated to global VIP staffing. Estate & Manor offers readers a glorious insight into the world of working with affluent individuals – All of our contributors are known for their expertise and knowledge in their given industry niche. These areas consist of: Estate Management, Lifestyle Management, Yacht and Jet Crew, Childcare and Education plus many more.

Emergency Planning For Private Residences

Understanding on how to protect one of your biggest investments from a disaster Many times a year, you read about large fire losses to mansions and estates due to fires that could have been easily detected and mitigated through pre-incident planning and fire/life safety systems. A quick search, of some …

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A Revolutionary Tool Specifically For Residences and Yachts.

Estate & Manor Magazine had the chance to sit down with Margarita Amam, the brainchild behind (IMS) Interior Management Systems Crystal. Her app is designed specifically for hospitality professionals working inside private residences and on-board luxury yachts. Margarita started her career from a young age, working her way up the …

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Polish, that’s what the deck crew do, right?

It would first appear that professional yacht crew spend all of their time making every part of the boat shiny. It is a long standing joke amongst deckhands that the horn is louder proportionate to how highly polished it is. In reality, sound maintenance, and the captain’s management of it, …

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