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Estate & Manor is an online magazine portal which is dedicated to global VIP staffing. Estate & Manor offers readers a glorious insight into the world of working with affluent individuals – All of our contributors are known for their expertise and knowledge in their given industry niche. These areas consist of: Estate Management, Lifestyle Management, Yacht and Jet Crew, Childcare and Education plus many more.

A Proper Butler Uniform

Butler uniform in the media and real life In the media you often see a butler dressed very conservatively and formally; usually consisting of a waistcoat, grey or grey striped trousers, a white shirt with a «Windsor» cut, and a black or grey tie. The point is to be formal …

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Butler Duties: Packing Your Principal’s Suitcase

Maintenance and logistics on clothing and outwear is a classic task in the daily life of being a Butler. All clothes are unique. Cotton, silk, wool and others must be treated differently. It is recommended to note down all specifications before packing; dry-cleaning, washing and company care instructions. Remember that …

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Performance Reviews: To Do, Or Not To Do

A recent poll of 2,677 individual (including Employees and their HR Managers) conducted by a Human Resources consulting firm out of San Francisco revealed that 98% of the participants thought annual performance reviews were unnecessary. Putting aside that dubious 98% figure – the sort of figure one finds in “elections” …

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Watch Maintenance For Butlers

The Butler is often THE contact person or liaison when it comes to household maintenance and control. A maintenance manual should be readily available, either inside the main household manual or as its own separate manual. Repairs, faults and a general maintenance log should be a natural part of such …

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Martini: The Cocktail Of All Cocktails

Let there be no doubt, the «Dry Martini» cocktail is the mother of all cocktails, it is the ultimate aperitif: classy, and the cocktail that separates good bartenders and Butlers from the rest – It is the cocktail of all cocktails. Learning the fabulous art of mixing cocktails is an …

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How To Become A Household Manager

I am often asked by individuals with varying professional and educational backgrounds for suggestions on ways to “break in to” the Private Service field. Specifically, I am most frequently asked for ideas on how one might become a Household Manager. The route to becoming a household manager It is a …

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