Lars van Dinther

Lars van Dinther is an experienced Captain, Project Manager and Owners Representatives building yachts from 40-140m. Lars has served as deck crew and captain over 30 years on the most prestigious yachts cruising in Europe, the Caribbean, USA, South Americas, Mexico and Japan. His expertise, diplomacy and focus excelled the new build-, refit- and design projects he was involved in for a variety of demanding clients. One of his projects have also been honoured with the Refit Award 2013. With a lifetime in service of UHNWIs, excellent people skills combined with a broad technical and engineering knowledge he will bring great expertise to your project.

Yacht Design – Degrees of Separation

Over the past several decades the distance and complexity of communication between owners and operators of yachts has grown. The intricacies of running the yacht are not often openly discussed directly with the owner and more often concerns are hinted at if not completely circumvented because the command structure dictates …

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Speed Versus Endurance

As with everything, if an extreme is required in one area than a compromise has to made somewhere else. If speed is the key requirement does a compromise have to made on endurance? For some years I have been working on a design concept called “Endurance” and, no surprise, it …

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Fewer Staff = Fewer Problems?

Any super yacht will always require a yacht crew to operate and maintain her. For some time there has been a drive to reduce the number of crew on board – “Fewer crew, fewer problems?”. Technically, many systems can be automated. However, service on board and in the villas of …

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The Dubai Boat Show 2016

Having arrived in Qatar a few weeks ago for a project this was a good opportunity to see how the yachting industry here differs from what’s happening in Europe.   It seems local preferences lean much more towards fast day boats from speed boats and ski boats to super-yacht sizes. At …

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What Does The Perfect Yacht Look Like?

Not an easy question. What kind of cars do you like, how do you like to dress, what do you do in your spare time? Those are easier questions and a couple of handfuls of similar ones should give a designer a fair idea of what you’re looking for in …

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