Saturday , September 24 2022

Olivia Jade Teanby

For the last four years Olivia has been working as a Governess and private tutor in Moscow, Russia. She has a wealth of experience working with UHNW and VIP celebrity clients. After many years of clients and friends requesting her assistance with their own Governess placements, Olivia decided to open up her own Governess and Nanny recruitment agency, Maison d’Excellence, together with her friend and ex-colleague. Olivia has recently joined a large educational consultancy company and now runs their Governess department globally.

A Governess Guide to Surviving Moscow

When I first mentioned to my family and friends that I was considering moving to Moscow I received a lot of ‘Oh wow, well, you’re brave,’  comments and the occasional ‘Are you sure that’s the best idea?’ remarks. I never considered that what was I was doing was rather unconventional …

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