Shlomi Biton

After Graduating from the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, France. Chef Shlomi Biton took his training to Alain Ducasse's three Michelin Star Restaurant, Spoon. Where he learned the ins and outs of operating within a high-end environment, which eventually led him to a position for a high profile executive producer. With his entrance into the private sector, he was able to travel the world with various clients while mastering his skill. After over 10 years working with A-listers and high profile individuals he decided to open Private Chefs Club (PPC), a nationwide domestic placement agency that provide service like no other. PCC is a specialized, hands-on agency that provides guidance and support to our clients and chefs throughout the entire duration of the placement. PCC is committed to providing impeccable service along with their highly trained staff for yachts, estates and retreats.

The Importance Of Portion Control

In my years as a private chef I have noticed that clients that have cooking services offered at home tend to have every meal coursed, which can add up to a substantial amount of food if not portioned correctly. Due to the fact that eating in abundance can increase weight gain, …

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Organic Food

Nowadays it feels like everywhere we turn the label organic food is being used. When you’re shopping for produce, or out to dinner, reading a food label, even when you’re shopping for your pets. It has become a key word used to capture the consumer’s eye knowing that this idea …

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The Art of Cooking for Kids

In many households dinnertime is ideally a relaxing occasion for the family. This is a time when they can come together to discuss their day over a good meal with your loved ones being the best of company. In some households though, dinner with young children around the table can …

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What you eat is what you are…Eat Super foods.

As culinary science dives deeper into the health benefits of certain foods, a clearer picture of what we are consuming is being revealed. Today’s doctors suggest a healthy, raw, vegetable based diet in order to help reset the body and perhaps even reverse some of the damage caused by poor …

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What You Must Know About Serving Wine

For thousands of years it has been customary to have wine accompany a meal. This practice that tracks back to ancient Greece as the main feature in success and wealthy feasts, still exists for many reasons, celebratory or otherwise. This age-old custom we’ve enjoyed for so long has since been …

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