Philip Pesci

Philip Pesci is the founder of Chef Xclusive, a bespoke consultancy sourcing private chefs for their clients’ private residences and estates, yachts, private aviation, luxury villas, chalets and retreats. Philip’s career has spanned from cooking in the bustling professional restaurants of London, to cooking in high profile private chef positions globally. He and his team are dedicated to the culinary sector, and are committed to contributing their knowledge and understanding to improve and develop the private chef profession. Combining their valuable knowledge, professional approach and modern recruiting strategies they deliver outstanding results for their clients by sourcing the best private chefs globally.

Food Imagery

The demon that can make or break your job application As private chefs you should be investing time and effort into keeping your photo portfolio up to date and ready for new job opportunities.   Before my critics pounce upon me… I should explain that I am far from a …

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How Should Chefs Plan for Their Trial Period…?

So, you’ve passed through the interview stage and been shortlisted, and now you are waiting to hear about your trial period. This is the critical point and many chefs fall foul of poor preparation and a casual approach. Careful planning is critical. An initial short trial period, normally 3-5 days …

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The Importance of Your Chef Portfolio

Most chefs have experienced waking up in the middle of the night and scribbling down a new idea for a dish. The ideas consume their thoughts until the final dish is completed. Numerous hours are spent working on signature dishes and new creations. Constantly tweaking, taking extra ordinary care over …

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So… Why Would You Have Your Very Own Private Chef?

First and foremost everyone recognizes the luxurious benefits of having your own private chef. At home, on-board your yacht or at your private retreat, the benefits of employing a chef extend far further than exquisite candle lit dinners or the BBQ pool party with friends. However I have to admit, …

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What Makes a Fantastic Private Chef?

This is not an easy question to answer, as the role of a private chef is a demanding one and certain aspects are reliant on the clients’ requirements, however there are some fundamentals that every chef needs to succeed in the private sector. I’ve been fortunate enough to experience a …

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