Rachel Muse

Rachel’s love of food began as a child, where cooking was always going on her mother's and grandmother’s houses. Due to dyslexia, Rachel didn’t learn to read and write like other children. She lived in a world of smells, sounds, tastes, textures and images. Rachel discovered she could do two things well without needing to read or write properly... maths and cooking, and she put her energies into both.After studying maths at university in Canada and the UK, Rachel changed her focus to her first love, cooking. She first trained as a chef and then progressed to become a pastry chef. A year working in the patisserie of a prestigious Five Star Hotel in Knightsbridge followed, before becoming a private chef and travelling the world.Rachel has honed her skills primarily behind closed doors, where the privacy of her HNW and UHNW clients is paramount. She can't say who she’s worked for in the last 20 years; that's private. She has cooked for entrepreneurs as they close billion euro deals, helped globetrotting VVIPs maintain a healthy lifestyle as they battle jet lag and worked with performance nutritionists developing recipes for successful national sports teams.Rachel can be found on Sky 845 cooking on the show Healthy Kitchen on Wednesdays at 7pm


One summer I accepted a gig in France, the London agency paired me with a firecracker of a girl called Nina. Nina’s role was to serve at table for our client, a French aristocrat. Nina was from Oxford and Chile and was studying for her Masters. For her this job …

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