Thursday , February 22 2024

Yasmin Milner

Yasmin is the Head of Training at Corporate Flight Training; a British aviation training company, who specialize in safety and service training for the private aviation sector. Yasmin has worked in aviation for over 18 years, she spent eight years working in commercial aviation and the last ten wears working in the private aviation sector firstly in Saudi Arabia for a VVIP operation, before moving back to Europe/Switzerland as the Chief Flight Attendant and instructor of a global corporations flight department. She has flown royalty, HNWI and some very well known celebrities in her time.

Why Does Airline Food Taste Bland?

Two questions I am often asked ‘why does airline food taste so terrible’ and ‘is the food on a corporate jet better than airline food’.  Well yes, when it comes to airline cuisine it can be anybody’s guess as to what has been dropped in front of you.  With regards …

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The Future of Business Aviation

This year’s EBACE convention (the European Business Aviation Convention) really gave me some food for thought, after having the opportunity to view some of the static aircraft displays, view new aircraft to the market, and chat to some exhibitors. It got me thinking about the direction the business aviation industry …

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Cabin Crew FAQS

I thought I would take the opportunity to answer some questions I am frequently asked by those who are interested in becoming cabin crew and gaining their wings.   How old do you have to be to become Cabin Crew? It is usually a minimum of 18 years, for some …

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Timezone Hopping and Jet Lag

With spring upon us hopefully many of you are jetting off to sunny climes, one of the questions I am often asked is “how do you deal with jet lag and hopping though multiple time zones?”    It has to be said jet lag is nobodies friend, not even seasoned aircrews, …

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What Safety Training Do Cabin Crew Undergo?

In my last article I discussed the importance of safety training for anybody tasked with working onboard a private aircraft. I am often asked what training do Cabin Crew actually go through? Cabin Crew working in commercial operations in Europe have to complete an Attestation of Cabin Crew, this is …

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The Need for Safety Training in Private Aviation

In the last article I delved into the need for food safety training, following on from that, I wanted to give serious thought to the issue of proper safety and emergency procedures training. As you may well be aware commercial flight attendants go through rigorous safety training it can take …

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The In-Flight Dining Experience

As the private aviation industry has grown over the years, so has the standard of in-flight service and cuisine served on board. As one can imagine the standard required to meet the demands of the clientele is exceptionally high. Passengers can pay thousands of pounds per hour to charter an …

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