Simple Fall Checklist for Private and Domestic Staff

As we enter the Fall season, it is a good time to take stock of your personal, private, domestic and business staff members.

Key questions and reviews include:

Grading their performance by most important responsibilities
Conducting a performance review
How and where do they spend their time?
What would I like more of and less of?
Are Employment Contracts and Confidentiality Agreements in place?
Am I taking proper precautions in protecting privacy and assets?
Is their compensation aligned to my expectations and market rate?
If I could change a few things- what would they be?
Am I spending too much time managing my staff? Or are they managing me?

The time is now to make adjustments to ensure the year is completed with the best services possible.   It’s much harder to change staff in the holiday season.

Whether you have one staff person or a dozen, the goal is to realize a more comfortable and pleasant lifestyle.

By Stephen Candland of Angela Mortimer US:

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