Why it's important to check you can work in the country where the job is located before applying

International Job Eligibility in the Domestic Service Industry

Having approved over 1300+ private and domestic jobs on our household staffing jobs board since it began, I felt compelled to talk about international eligibility in the private staffing industry! All over the world there are some fantastically experienced and qualified private service professionals, chefs, estate managers and so on.

I know for a fact that being British prevents me from simply upping sticks and setting up shop in New York or LA as a private employee. Why? Well, it is really simple! I would need a work visa and a social security number. It’s the same for an American (or any other non-EU national) wishing to work in the UK, the same immigration laws exists in terms of having a work visa and a national insurance number. Working for a multi-national company, such as one of the big banks, have quota allocations which allow them to sponsor potential foreign workers. Private families seeking Private staff from abroad can struggle in obtaining the necessary documents which would allow them to hire from outside their own country.

In the rare occurrence that a family are able to provide visa assistance it would be clearly displayed or highlighted to attract professionals who would, under normal circumstances, require work permission. Usually families high up in the food chain or those with huge businesses which can afford to hire foreign workers, and potentially bypass certain employment regulations are the employers who have the ability to do this.

Is there a job application etiquette to consider when you are being click-happy with the mouse button whilst hovering over the ‘apply for this job’ button? Many career coaches may tell you to apply for jobs if you believe you have the skills; which to an extent is correct…this all depends on the industry of course, but having skills and having legal rights to work are two completely different things. I would never recommend applying for jobs in countries where you cannot go and work in without a visa being easily obtainable. It is always best to research the country and the ease of obtaining a work visa before applying for any given job.

Trust me, if a family in the UK, Europe or the USA can offer a work visa to foreign nationals, the job advertisement will be in neon lights!

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