Job Searching During the Dog Days of Summer

As summer gears up for the hottest months, the job market traditionally cools down, especially in the realm of private service. For Household Staff job seekers, this can be discouraging and frightening, however, this is actually the perfect time to work on your resume, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles to be ready for the jobs posted in August, September and beyond.

Where did the jobs go – and are they really coming back?

You may have noticed that July saw less jobs being posted. This is because many of the employers – and, subsequently, the recruiters – have been on vacation. Beginning in mid-August, employers become more serious about their own hiring needs.

From September through mid-November, the job search market will heat up again. Many employers need to hire someone before the end of the year to get them fully integrated before the winter holiday season shifts into gear.

What’s the rush?

Even though the majority of the jobs will be coming out in September and October, it takes time to prepare your resume and other materials. This way, you are ready to apply the moment that you see a job that is a good match.

Most recruiters gain the majority of their applicants in the first seven days of the job posting. At that point, many companies will casually glance at the new applicants, unless they are having trouble finding the right match for the principals. However, they will rarely announce that the job is essentially closed. If you wait one to two weeks to send your resume because it still needs to be “tweaked,” you miss out on a great opportunity.

Building recruiter relationships

Even if an agency doesn’t have a posted job that catches your interest, you should fill out their online application anyway. Every agency has some jobs that never get publicly posted, so that they can retain the confidentiality of the employers.

Summer is a good time to build relationships with the agencies and their recruiters. If they can learn more about who you are, what you can do, and your previous success, you are more likely to stay top-of-mind when the right match does appear.

Make an effort to reach out to your recruiter contacts at least once a month, even if it’s just to check in. As the job seeker, it’s your responsibility to maintain the professional, positive relationship.

Social media is always out there

LinkedIn is even more important to the job search than ever before. It is now a standard practice for candidates to list the URL for their LinkedIn profile. Whether it is given or not, most recruiters will look at the candidate’s LinkedIn profile – sometimes before they even call for the phone interview.

Here’s an even more intimidating thought: if you email someone and the receiving party has Outlook 2013, the program will automatically search for your LinkedIn profile. Like it or not, finding you is as simple as one mouse click.

While working on your resume and cover letters, don’t forget to update the LinkedIn profile that goes with it.

Another strategy for LinkedIn is to reach out to other private service professionals to build relationships directly with them. Whether you want to expand your network or find out more about a particular market or resource, don’t forget to get involved in your Groups to make a positive impact.

Getting over the dog days

The dog days of July and August can drag on anyone’s motivation. It’s hard to get back into the swing of the job search, especially when the jobs haven’t appeared yet. But don’t be fooled. The next hiring season is nipping at your heels.

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Donna Shannon, President of The Personal Touch Career Services, is one of the few career coaches who understands the unique nature of the private service industry. Drawing from both her corporate recruitment and luxury market placement experience, she has been helping job seekers with professional writing services, job search consultations and classes since 2004. Her book “How to Get a Job Without Going Crazy” (2nd Edition, 2012) is available on Donna is based in Denver, Colorado, and works with job seekers across the country and abroad.

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