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Personal Branding For Domestic Managers & Domestic Staff

How are you embodying the feeling that all ultra-wealthy individuals and private families expect from everything and everyone they purchase or hire?

To come across as a true luxury and a quality investment at the first point of contact is of absolute importance in the hiring process. In an ultra-competitive job market, domestic staff really need to consider how their current application method translates in any prospective employer’s mind. You can be 99% certain your resumé is probably the same as or very similar to everyone else’s in terms of layouts, self-promotion, skills and qualifications references….all in tiny blocks of black text with awkward, horrible fonts.

If 20, 30 or even 40 butlers apply for the same prestigious job opening, what would make the principal stop at your application and really take notice? Every employer is different of course, but planting a seed in the mind of the person reading your application will give you an immediate edge and separate you from every other applicant. Being memorable is key to representing yourself correctly and efficiently! Which is why your application needs to be different; you don’t want to be just another applicant, you want to be the applicant which shines instantly.

Businesses looking to attract customers usually have around 5 seconds to engage their visitor before he or she clicks off your website. The same principle can be applied here with prospective employers overlooking your application.

While employers make all the hiring decisions; despite the assistance from a recruiter or an EA, they do not sit and view piles of applications in large rooms by the fire, with a cigar in one hand and a cognac in the other and take the entire day reading over resumés…most wealthy people are constantly on the go, doing lunch, in business meetings and jet setting and as a result a lot of candidate viewing is done via mobile phone. This makes the traditional word document’s job even harder as you are trying to capture the imagination on an even smaller, narrower screen and a typical application can turn into a never-ending black and white disaster! You want your first contact with the employer to be one of engagement and excitement, with both of these reactions, your application will quickly turn into an interview.

Start Thinking Outside The Box

As a domestic job seeker, you should start considering the possibility of spreading the message about your services. You should never rely on one source to help secure employment for you. The onus should also be on you to ‘headhunt’ potential employers – sitting back and waiting for an email which may never come is going to do you no favours. Quality networking holds the key to unlocking various high-profile doors and while not a job haven, LinkedIn is a fantastic platform to build new bridges and distribute your wealth of knowledge, start discussions and share your experiences. Remember, domestic staffing agencies are not the only types of offices which receive private staffing requests…family offices, wealth management offices, lifestyle agencies, VIP concierge services, luxury property developers and estate managers/executive assistants often post about staffing requirements on LinkedIn and also on specific Private Staffing Jobsites. When you have a high-quality application which looks the part, it is always worth connecting and messaging to get noticed. Going back to what I was discussing previously, poorly put together, crammed and uninspiring resumés will not encapsulate the luxury service you can offer. No matter who you are looking to connect with, your first impression must count and show you are of A-list quality.

You will never see a company website offering luxury services for multi-millionaires and billionaires looking bland, uninspiring and visually the same as their competitors. They all want to appear unique and captivate their prospective clients instantly to win over their custom. If they don’t achieve the aforementioned then the client will more than likely click off and look elsewhere. This is really how you should be treating your own application. Setting a luxury, high-quality standard instantly will pay dividends to you in your job hunt and your networking.

As a private staffing professional searching for a job opening, why shouldn’t you be adopting a prospective employer’s mindset?

Gaining the edge by breaking away from ‘the traditional’

Innovation is at the forefront of marketing when it comes to global products and services, reaching and impressing prospective customers, making them take action through a variety of means is the name of the game. As a domestic staffing professional, you too can innovate and use specific methods to reach employment prospects as well as to really inject some passion and pride into all of your future job searches.

Through the use of very specific and ‘user-friendly’ domestic profiles you can really give prospective employers a chance to view your application in a different light to what a traditional resumé typically shows. Showing someone you have gone above and beyond what is considered ‘the norm’ will make you more favourable when it comes to interview decision making. After all, when working for a VIP individual or family, everything is expected to be done quickly, efficiently and without fuss.

If all of the above resonates with you as a domestic staff job seeker looking to land a top position, you should click the button below and learn more about how you can take advantage of exclusive domestic staffing profiles to promote your candidature in a dynamic, visually-appealing way which engages with employers across all devices.

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