What’s Your Average?

Last time we talked about Trust. It is my hope that the most valuable of your relationships are built on trust.

It is said that we are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with. As you look into the associations that you most closely maintain, you should be pleased with what you find. If not, maybe it’s time to reevaluate and expand your network with people who spur you on to be and do your best, who allow you to dream and in fact, encourage it. What do you find when you look at your closest relationships?

There are 4 principles I’ve carried throughout my life:

  1. Associate with the noblest of people
  2. Read the best books
  3. Live with the mighty
  4. Learn to be happy

Apply those same principles to your staff; encourage the staff that you currently have to evaluate the influencers in their lives. Make the funds available for them to join professional associations or clubs that enhance the skill set for which you hired them.  As you find yourself hiring new staff, consider where and how they fit relationally to the current staff – consider not hiring only a skill set but both skill and personality as this is how you build a team; it will also increase your average.

About Erich Fiser

Mr Fiser is a husband, father and student of life and leadership. He served honorably in the US Military as both an enlisted man and an officer. He has Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Communication, a Masters degree in Human Services & Executive Leadership and is a certified Estate Manager. Having served as an Executive Officer and Aide-de-Camp (Personal Assistant/Security/Driver) for two different General Officers, Mr Fiser is uniquely qualified to provide leadership and personal development coaching to you and your staff. He has traveled the world extensively and spent many months working and living in a combat zone. His motto: "Here to Serve"

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