Wednesday , November 29 2023


Private Chef or Personal Chef: What’s in a Title?

Clarifying the difference between a private chef and a personal chef I’m a recruiter. In my business terminology matters. Incorrect terminology can lead me down a faulty path as I look to fill positions. Correct terminology provides me with a road map to help my clients achieve their goals. The …

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Private Chef Hire In 2018: An Upward Trend

Why private chefs should be doing more to allow clients to find their services with ease

Private chef hire is an increasing trend for families around the world For those who can afford the luxury of hiring their very own personal or private chef to come into their home and cook healthy meals and snacks based on their specific tastes and unique dietary requirements.. it makes …

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Persian Food

Previously when friends, colleagues and acquaintances explained their assumptions about Persian food they always thought this regional cuisine was similar to Indian, Turkish, Arabic and other neighbouring countries.  Everyone is always surprised and intrigued when they sample authentic Persian food due to its unique taste and flavours.  I have always …

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True Luxury Food: Setting new Standards for Food Provisioning

You will agree that food provisioning can look very different from Villa to Villa, Yacht to Yacht and country to country. The game is to get the world´s best products both locally and internationally delivered on time from a reliable source with professional high-end service within the given budget. Let´s …

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One summer I accepted a gig in France, the London agency paired me with a firecracker of a girl called Nina. Nina’s role was to serve at table for our client, a French aristocrat. Nina was from Oxford and Chile and was studying for her Masters. For her this job …

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The Importance Of Portion Control

In my years as a private chef I have noticed that clients that have cooking services offered at home tend to have every meal coursed, which can add up to a substantial amount of food if not portioned correctly. Due to the fact that eating in abundance can increase weight gain, …

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The Artistic Chef

With modern phones and tablets playing host to our favourite social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. We are never far away from recipes and food related topics. Food is a huge part of people’s everyday lives and for those of us not fortunate enough to be able to …

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Food Imagery

The demon that can make or break your job application As private chefs you should be investing time and effort into keeping your photo portfolio up to date and ready for new job opportunities.   Before my critics pounce upon me… I should explain that I am far from a …

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