Stylists & Shoppers

Proper Wardrobe Storage & Preservation

So, you have the walk-in closet you always dreamed of and assembled an impeccable collection of priceless vintage, haute couture, evening wear, footwear and accessories. Now, how do you go about protecting your precious wardrobe and keeping items in pristine condition? Never store your wardrobe in: • Basements, attics or …

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How To Stand Out When In Uniform

Unless you work for a government agency, there is always room to show your personality, even when wearing uniform. In recent years, employers have moved away from providing formal uniforms, with many simply stating guidelines for what their employees should wear. Black & white or all black are the most …

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Groomed to Perfection

From your very first interview through to the end of a long hard day at work, the way you look says so much about you, before you even speak. We know that we have just seconds to make a good first impression, and that can feel a little daunting especially …

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