Employing a Chauffeur or Outsourcing the Role?

We receive a fair few inquiries from wealthy individuals and families who are looking at the possibility of using an external supplier rather than directly employing a chauffeur. This could be for a number of reasons: cost, flexibility and the difficulty in finding a suitable candidate for a permanent role. …

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Protecting Carpet During Renovations

Recently a DEMA member oversaw a renovation project on a second floor of the estate and it needed to be completed during the summer months between June & August. The home recently had new carpeting installed on two sets of stairs and a large hallway. Of course, it wasn’t just …

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Understanding your Russian Principal

Understanding your Russian Principal. Coming from the west your first experience of working within a Russian household or for a Russian principal can be extremely confusing. It has been said to feel like a cold bucket of water has been thrown over you when you suddenly realise the cultural gulf …

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Hiring and Managing The Housekeeping Staff

how to manage your domestic housekeepers

As a Household/Estate Manager, one of the important roles you will undergo is hiring and managing housekeeping staff. Here is how to begin the process. Assessment – Consider the size/style of home, number of people & pets residing, standards, guest and entertaining lifestyle. Typically, there is one housekeeper assigned for every …

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