Saturday , September 24 2022

Household Staff

An Arabic Family Survival Guide.

My time working with a Saudi family in Dubai was a fantastic period of my life. It was a time framed by Oud, flowing incense, Koranic verse and flowing thobes set against abaya; chess pieces in the family dynamic. I received amazing hospitality great pay and an enviable career enhancing …

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So Who Is Really In Charge?

You’ve got yourself ready and it’s time to go – no turning back now! I was successful in obtaining the position of a nanny to a family of seven – yes, that’s right, five children with two very, very busy parents who were often out of the country. There had …

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Importance of Education for Nannies

As nannies, we are expected to have years of experience, to be able to plan for child’s development and meet all their needs, keep children safe, keep the house neat, ensure Health and Safety and be able to juggle calendar, organise and supervise children’s and family parties as well. It …

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All That Glitters Is Not Gold

The lifestyles of the Rich and Famous are always to be desired by some people but little do they realize, at the end of the day we are all very much the same. I have opened up here and decided to give you an inside glance at what can happen …

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Interviewing With Parents

The first meeting is your one and only chance to make the right first impression with the family you’d like to work for. They’re trying to figure out if you could not only take care of their baby but can you fit well into their home? Meet and Greet When …

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Technology & Children, Good, Bad or Ugly‏

Technology is the most important concept of our time. Children are being encouraged, from as young as primary school age, to learn how to write apps software and codes for computers. According to, tablet is the most common form of technology device children play games on, placing it at …

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