Wednesday , November 29 2023

Close Protection & Security

Being a Royalty Protection Officer

The selection process to become a Royalty Protection Officer at SO14(2) is one of the most difficult within the whole of the Metropolitan Police Service, it involves a comprehensive practical assessment and a gruelling interview, where you are required to prove that you have already obtained the valuable and vast …

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Securing Your World

It’s fair to say that nobody would go out of their house and leave their windows and doors open, or hand over their PIN number and their bank account details to a complete stranger. Yet while many of us know the obvious and more fundamental ways of keeping themselves and …

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Family Office Security Training

In one of my previous articles, I wrote about the advantages and disadvantages of an in-house Security Manager as part of a household staff, compared to out-sourcing the requirement. Since then, we have received numerous emails and requests for a less ‘black and white’ solution, which does of course exist. …

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Security on the Slopes

Appeal of skiing As the festive winter season approaches, it seems fitting to discuss a holiday many of us embark on at this time of the year. The ski season is well underway and through until Easter, many of us will travel to Europe, the USA and Canada to make …

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Selecting an Armored Vehicle. The Basics.

This is the continuation of a series of Executive Protection articles I started, not only to educate entry level protection agents, but also to give potential clients in need of personal security, an understanding of the protection process. I have had the experience to be employed by a client for …

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