Why private chefs should be doing more to allow clients to find their services with ease

Private Chef Hire In 2018: An Upward Trend

Private chef hire is an increasing trend for families around the world

For those who can afford the luxury of hiring their very own personal or private chef to come into their home and cook healthy meals and snacks based on their specific tastes and unique dietary requirements.. it makes life easier where trying to find a balanced diet is concerned.

‘Health, Fitness and Convenience’ go hand in hand and have been trending for many years. First it was food supplements, then it was healthy meals delivered to your door and now private chef services seems to be the new gold rush amongst busy executives, sports stars, celebrities where daily nutritional balancing is concerned – and I believe it is here to stay and continue to being more popular with those individuals and families who can afford the expense of a personal chef.

Many professional football players in the English Premier League have publicly stated that they hire a personal chef to ensure they are performing at optimum levels by eating correctly when they are not training, or when rehabilitating from injury. It pays for elite athletes to constantly search for the most accessible ways to prolong their career and perform at the highest level for the duration.

He is there every day, Monday to Saturday, and leaves it in the fridge for Sunday. I hardly ever see him because I’m at training, but he’ll cook the food and leave it in the fridge. We’ve got a good plan going and it seems to be working

Harry Kane – Tottenham & England Striker

It seems very few chefs are actually taking advantage of the searches made in google by prospective clients who are actively looking to obtain the services of their very own chef. A simple google search tells you you what is ‘trending’ in terms of searches, and a term as exclusive as ‘private chef’ and ‘personal chef’ is being searched for fairly often. It’s obvious that home chef search terms won’t be as popular as ‘Gordon Ramsay’ or ‘Jamie Oliver’ as they probably runs into millions per month, but for a chef looking for opportunities to work with high-profile clients, Google is a hotbed of opportunity…and in self-branding terms, it is a blue ocean!

Private chef hire is a popular search term on google

You only have to start typing in a few words before google starts pre-populating the search bar with popular searches conducted to then understand how certain trends are shaping up. I started typing in “Private Chef” and “Personal Chef” and google gave me some indication of popularity. Obviously with searches, google takes into account your location, so google fetches data based on your I.P so that searches are relevant to what country you are in; local searches. 

As you can see from the searches, the areas in which google displays are fairly well-to-do and areas you would expect the demand for personal chef services to be fairly high.

Take a look at our screenshots below.

google is the main way families research personal chef hire around the world
private chef hire is a popular search term on search engines like google and bing

Taking advantage of actively searching customers as a private chef

Being a private chef, you want to either be fully booked, or have access to full time opportunities in someone’s kitchen – it’s really that simple. Google will literally give you access to new clients every single day if you have a presence there. 

I see many chefs utilising Facebook & Instagram (which is great!), but it would be extremely rare for an employer or their agent/representative to start trawling though social media pages and joining online groups in order to find a private chef. Google is where people go to actively find products and services or at the very least research ‘how to’ do something. 

Facebook and Instagram presence, or ‘proofing’, is part of a larger strategy which I very much recommend spending your time with as a chef. Recruitment consultants for the most part use social media to source talent, but in essence, why should you not be advertising your professional services directly to clients themselves? 

Many chefs can wait around for weeks, months in order to secure a position via recruitment agencies, but imagine the client searching for a private chef on google stumbled across your personal and professional chef website…saw your culinary portfolio and saw that there was a confidential way of reaching you directly. Food for thought…excuse the pun!

How many people want to hire their own private cook?

As mentioned previously, hiring a private chef is what most of us can only dream about. If you ask any mere mortal how much they think it would cost to hire a home chef, they would probably give you answers such as, ‘a lot’ or ‘too much’ – the searches for private chef are by those who are fully aware of the potential cost and those who are ready to pay what is required. 

According to statistics back in 2015, London boasted over 375,000 high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs), the county of Surrey held over 59,000 HNWIs. Greater Manchester is third with over 56,000 people of high-net-worth. According to various sources on google, there are around 9,500 UHNWIs in London alone; those with more than £30m in liquid financial assets.

Why am I telling you this? Well, this is a lot of potential customers be it full time and part time positions,  hiring for cocktail parties, private festive events or highly-paid corporate do’s who potentially would be looking to hire a chef in a private capacity. Remember, many clients prefer to deal with the chef directly, thus avoiding all third parties entirely and conducting the search for a chef themselves from their smartphone.

Here are some examples of private chef search numbers and terms via google.

Also include other, similar search terms as not everybody types in the same thing.

Searches For Private Chefs In London

home chefs are a common search term on google by clients living in affluent areas of London such as Chelsea, Kensington, Knightsbridge and others

Searches For Private Chefs In Surrey

Personal chef services are searched for by many families in Surrey and the other home counties in the United Kingdom

Searches For Private Chefs In G.Manchester

Searches For Private Chefs In New York City

When busy executives want to hire a home chef, one of the first places they will begin their search is on google.

Searches For Private Chefs in California

California is one of the biggest areas in the USA, as well as being one of the most affluent. Families living in Los Angeles frequently request private household staff such as person chefs to work full time and part time in their home

Searches For Private Chef in Toronto

Toronto is another city which has domestic staff high on the priority list. Families use the interest to search for top class private catering services for their home

Are you making yourself available for opportunies?

There is clear scope for chefs wishing to work inside private households to be found by clients searching for these luxury chef at home services. As you can see above, from London all the way to Los Angeles, people are actively searching for culinary professionals to hire in some capacity. 

Even 100 searches per month for a private chef in London is ALOT of jobs! Instead of waiting for a call from a recruitment consultant, or hoping a client unwittingly stumbles across your Instagram page and suddenly decides he or she does actually need a private chef…you should really consider getting yourself a piece of ‘real estate’ on Google. 

Google, as you know, is where people go to make enquiries and purchases with their purses halfway open. This is where your own professional and branded website comes into play…where you can talk about yourself in your own words, showcase your portfolio in style for all desktop and mobile device users. 

I have never understood why so many really high-quality chefs who are out of work, not having much luck are just waiting for a client rather than attracting one.

Allow potential clients, athletes celebrities, their agents and recruiters from ALL OVER THE WORLD find you with a simple search – just because they are wealthy, it doesn’t mean they don’t use google. on the contrary, they want the best products, services and lifestyle. 

Some chefs are already building their personal brand

Up on a few searches on google for private chefs you will find a small number of private chefs who are present on page one of Google, either through the use of google ads or through organic ranking. I didn’t want to include all my searches, as I only wanted to give you a general idea.

If you want to reach more families who are looking for private chefs, you have to be on Google. With your own professional website, you can reach these families around the world while you sleep

Start building your personal brand as a top personal chef today!

2018 is a great year to start making use of the available technology and getting your access to high-profile clients searching for personal chef services. The beauty about having a professional website is, once it’s done, it’s done, your presence builds over time. A website coupled with some basic online strategies could see you getting client requests on a weekly basis. 

Also, a website does not have to be as expensive as you might be led to believe. At Estate & Manor Magazine, we want to help staff be the very best they can be which is why we can help you get your own classy chef website complete with portfolio and other facilities. 

Don’t spend your time waiting for clients. Take action now and get yourself and your services seen by clients who are searching for private chef services right now! Click the button below if you would like to learn how to make filling your calendar up with high-profile clients, possible!


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