So… Why Would You Have Your Very Own Private Chef?

First and foremost everyone recognizes the luxurious benefits of having your own private chef. At home, on-board your yacht or at your private retreat, the benefits of employing a chef extend far further than exquisite candle lit dinners or the BBQ pool party with friends. However I have to admit, they are the perfect place to start…

Luxury lifestyles encompass very busy schedules, whether work orientated, travelling or taking that well-earned relaxing break. A private chef enhances your lifestyle by delivering world-class cuisine wherever you may be. They bring the world-renowned restaurant dining to your table, giving you the pleasure of sampling amazing dishes from all over the world. Where else are you able to speak directly to the chef and design a bespoke menu that satisfies your desires and wows your guests? The relationship will develop to a point where your chef will have an excellent understanding of your pallet and desires, affording them the knowledge to create dishes that will surpass your dreams; a private chef really is the epitome of luxury.

Your private chef is instrumental in assisting with the health and well being of you and your family. As you are the sole concern for the chef, they are afforded the time to investigate and plan for your health requirements. Whether you are considering a specialist diet or more of a holistic way to eat, your chef will help you plan and then implement the culinary strategy. If you work with a personal trainer then direct consultation between your PT and your chef will assist your training and help you reach and maintain your fitness goals.

Planning and organizing your weekly timetable and menus can be done with relative ease. Preparing a simple breakfast, organizing lunch on the go – for you or the kids, preparing a heart warming family style dinner for when your daily routine is finished or enjoying a long lazy brunch on the weekend, your chef will take care of all the hard work allowing you to reap the rewards.

The hunt for amazing produce is key to the success of any dish and tracking down the right ingredients is part of your chef’s daily duties. From the locally sourced artisan products to the more luxurious international delicacies, you will have a dedicated quality controller to ensure you not only receive the best ingredients but they are cared for and utilized to the best of their ability. The best ingredients come directly from the vegetable patch, from the garden to the plate in minimal time. If you don’t already have a vegetable and fruit garden then give your chef the responsibility of planning the plot with your gardener, ensuring a year round supply of great produce.

Love them or hate them, food trends are an integral part of the culinary scene, testing boundaries, plating designs, theatrical elements and experimenting with new cooking techniques. All of them play a huge part in the restaurant world and keep customers pouring back to acclaimed eateries. These can be recreated in your own kitchen – or at least experimented with. So next time you see something new or interesting you can discuss it with your chef and recreate it for your table (or at least try!).

However, for me, there is one benefit of employing a private chef that stands head and shoulders above the rest: the ability to take them wherever you go. As your relationship develops with your chef, I guarantee you won’t want to travel anywhere without them.

About Philip Pesci

Philip Pesci is the founder of Chef Xclusive, a bespoke consultancy sourcing private chefs for their clients’ private residences and estates, yachts, private aviation, luxury villas, chalets and retreats. Philip’s career has spanned from cooking in the bustling professional restaurants of London, to cooking in high profile private chef positions globally. He and his team are dedicated to the culinary sector, and are committed to contributing their knowledge and understanding to improve and develop the private chef profession. Combining their valuable knowledge, professional approach and modern recruiting strategies they deliver outstanding results for their clients by sourcing the best private chefs globally.

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