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With modern phones and tablets playing host to our favourite social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. We are never far away from recipes and food related topics. Food is a huge part of people’s everyday lives and for those of us not fortunate enough to be able to afford a personal chef, we must find our own creativity and time to get in the kitchen and innovate. A chef is almost definitely an artist…the blending of flavours, the balance of colours and the presentation must always be in equilibrium.

Twenty years ago, Northampton based Chef, Andy Kelly started to work in a restaurant to fund his way through university. With his passion for both art and food he was able to amalgamate both skill sets and start experimenting with food.

“I was originally an art student working in a restaurant to pay my way through my art and design course, however I soon realised that the same practices could be applied to cuisine, which lead me to finish my art course and pursue a career in catering. I am currently with cooking demos at food festivals and have partnered with the luxury champagne label, Angel, to create some accompanying dishes to their product. I have been a chef for 20 years and am particularly interested in science based food and techniques.”

Andy’s dishes are absolutely mesmerising. I first came across his work via a Yacht Chef community on one of the social networks. There are many extremely talented chefs within the group and I personally always visit to see the latest dishes which are presented fellow chefs and mere culinary mortals like myself. Andy’s work stood out due to the visual, complex nature of his dishes and I could never actually fathom how on earth he managed to piece them together, not to mention the inspiration or the story behind them.

“My inspiration comes from my imagination. I like to push boundaries and try new things. I like a challenge and am often asked to create dishes by request. Using current affairs as inspiration has led to the creation of some film themed dishes.”

“I like pop art as well as classic and take inspiration from various artists but am a big fan of Banksy who has been an inspiration for some of my dishes.”

Andy’s creations are not intended to be something to stare in awe at, they are actually edible! Andy explained that the flavour combinations and textures are paramount in each dish as it has to taste good and excite the palate as well as look visually appetising. One of his favourite dishes has an underwater association.

“One of the most popular dishes that I am particularly pleased with is inspired by an underwater theme and features the classic combination of asparagus ham and egg”

Andy extends his creativity when at home and of course tests out new ideas on his extremely lucky family who get to witness the entire process in action. Andy wishes to continue bringing his ideas to life and wishes for a small amount of change when it comes to food plating.

“I hope to keep creating new dishes and would like to take on more product placement work in the future. It would also be nice if plating could be recognised as an art and maybe featured in some galleries.”

To view Andy’s culinary art gallery take a trip over to his Instagram page at or follow him on Twitter at @SophiasSophias

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