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True Luxury Food: Setting new Standards for Food Provisioning

You will agree that food provisioning can look very different from Villa to Villa, Yacht to Yacht and country to country. The game is to

  • get the world´s best products
  • both locally and internationally
  • delivered on time
  • from a reliable source
  • with professional high-end service
  • within the given budget.

Let´s face it food provisioning – whether for a yacht or villa – can be very challenging. Too often you are missing out on the truly outstanding products and produce that might be just around the corner without even knowing it. Throughout all the time I have spent on luxurious yachts and villas, whether as a guest, consultant or private chef I was surprised by the true quality of food delivered by even some of the most established provisioning companies.

For example: Once I ordered pineapples (20€ each) from a Villa & Yacht provisioning company in the South of France. Since organic ones were not available I went with the non-treated ones. These pineapples looked absolutely gorgeous – simply perfect. However when I took the first bite I was astonished about the predominant taste of chemicals. It was so intense that we actually could not use a single one of them. Another time a delicacy shop had non-organic bean sprouts and micro-greens shipped all the way from Holland when in fact he could have ordered the best organic bean sprouts fresher and for a minor price from a top local supplier next door. The list of these examples goes on and on and it´s really shocking how much attention is generally paid to the look rather to the “inside quality” of food.

Why is this?

  1. First of all, suppliers adapt to what the client asks for. In recent years the predominant focus has been on “seemingly” luxury pleasure-creating foods. However, now more and more people are waking up to the truth that true luxury foods should have more than just “a good name & look” and a high price. Great news: the values are changing.
  2. Usually provisioning companies are very busy and researching for new suppliers and new/better products costs time and energy which equals money.
  3. Suppliers might not have the know-how or interest in looking for better ways if nobody is asking for it.

Due to these factors you are getting less good products than you could. So it´s about time to take a fresh look on how we define real luxury foods. Ideally they are:


  1. organic and ideally bio-dynamic. If you have a fairly generous or even unlimited budget to work with, foods that infuse our body with toxic chemicals and not only harm our health but also our overall well-being are out of question. Organic is the new norm.
  2. sourced locally where possible especially when it comes to fruits and vegetables that are local to the region you are in.
  3. seasonal & as fresh as possible. The longer the transport way for fruits and vegetables the more essential nutrients as well as life force energy, freshness as well as flavour are lost on the way.
  4. ideally have a positive impact on our health and overall well-being like foods known as “superfoods” with high antioxidant-powers, etc. (eg. herbs and spices, olive oil, goji berries, chia seeds, bean sprouts & more)
  5. Bonus: The consummation of true luxury foods has a positive impact on the life of other people, animals and our planet. Many great brands and even local producers give back through paying fair prices, philanthropy, supporting local projects, etc.

A big amount of the elite has of course realized this and is living up to these standards. Yet it´s not at all a common practice in our industry.

And to be clear, it might not always be possible to match all these “true luxury food” factors. However, what is important and what you can be certain about is that by setting and communicating new ideals you will actually be changing and uplifting the current food provisioning standards to a whole new level. This will result in many positive changes especially when it comes to the quality of the food you will be supplied with. Remember, after all you as the client have the purchasing power which in the end is the power to decide which products you accept and which ones not.


Here are 4 food provisioning tips as a final advice:

  1. Select your top 2-3 food provisioners.
  2. Communicate your new standards of real luxury foods.
  3. Ask them to supply you with products that match these criteria as much as possible and see with which proposals they come up with. It will influence them to open up and look for new solutions. Since you are asking more than one supplier you will have the benefit of different perspectives, prices and more sources of information and expertise.
  4. Go with the option that fits best with your needs, wants, budget and feels best to you.


After all it´s all a question of how we define true luxury. Because wealth means nothing without health we all agree that it is time to upgrade the food on all our plates by creating new standards of true luxury foods that have both an impeccable look as well as outstanding effect on our health, vitality & well-being.

AngelikA Fürstler ( is a holistic food/fitness/well-being/lifestyle book author, coach/consultant and entrepreneur. She is the founder of Vegan Super Yacht™ where she works with health-conscious yacht owners and crew worldwide (on sea and on land). AngelikA also is the creator of the world-wide unique Holistic Fitness Lifestyle concept: BounceBliss™  as well as an international underwater artist/model and a creative plant-based “BlissFood™” private chef and chef tutor.

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