What Tickles the Fancy of the Rich and Famous?

Those with vast riches will pay copious amounts of money to eat the most decadent cuisine in the comfort of their own home – or homes. A full-time private chef can earn in access of £50,000 per year in London with additional benefits.

An interview for a position as a private chef is anything but typical. Aspiring private chefs should be prepared to discuss the client’s favourite foods and specific dietary requirements as well as having an excellent underpinning knowledge of the latest fad diets (paleo, gluten free, zone etc). The chef would also be expected to discuss his or her own culinary philosophies amongst other things.

Meal requirements amongst VIPs change rather rapidly. Many wealthy individuals will hire a private chef based on their expertise in regards to a specific diet . The demand for chefs whose expertise evolves around macrobiotics – a dietary regimen which revolves around eating high quality grains as a staple food source which is supplemented with vegetables with a high nutritional value and avoiding processed/refined foods. This diet would certainly limit a chef in terms of ingredients as it limits sugars, preservatives, meats, dairy products, refined flours and salts. But the macrobiotic diet is still popular amongst celebrities.

Aside from dealing with the dietary demands of the employer, the private chef has to contend with the desires of the employer’s friends and colleagues. In all high-profile homes there is a book which contains the ins and outs of their most frequent guests which has to be taken into consideration when preparing a dinner party. The book informs the chef of any allergies and of course the likes and dislikes of the guests –  which gives the chef a great platform from which to work from. In terms of cooking a dinner party for 15-20 A-list celebrities, then the chef would of course have to go the extra mile and liaise with the private chef of each guest to distinguish what can and cannot be served due to dietary restrictions.

With the private chef being the newfangled in-house accessory for the affluent crowd around the world; job openings for private chefs are popping up all over the globe for innovative culinary wizards, who would enjoy the daily pressures of presenting world-class food to the glitterati.

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