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Resumé & Cover Letter

Is Your Resumé Looking Dated?

If you are still using the traditional method to apply for top private staffing positions; namely the cover letter and resumé, you should provide employers with an elegant application where the presentation is fitting of your professional experience and qualities.

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    Style: it's important that when applying for top domestic jobs you can instantly translate your professionalism with your application
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    Make your application more organised and structured ..make that transition from awkward to read documents to pleasant and easy
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    Multiple pages packaged in one convenient file to avoid the chances of a principal forgetting to click on one of your email documents.

What's Included In Our N​ew Resumé Package:

PDF Resumé Redesign

Using your current document, we will create a professional document fitting of any private service professional 

PDF Cover Letter Redesign

We include an accompanying and matching cover letter to really set a professional tone from the outset.

Creating One File

We will ensure that your new cover letter & resumé will be via one file, so uploading and emailing will not be problematic.

Element Colour Schemes

Choose what colour you would like the elements in your resume to be. Choose from: Gold, Blue, Red, Green, Black.

What are others saying about our new service:

Needed to add some new life to my resumé

Andrew did a sterling job! It looks and reads very well now.. For all serious private service professionals the nominal fee is absolutely worth it.

GREG BADENHORST  //  Butler & House Manager To High-Profile Sportsman


Add some professionalism to your application! It's time to take action now and transform how effective your application is for your private staffing job prospects!

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