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Use the online candidate finding tool many domestic placement agencies use to find staff for people just like you

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  • Job advertisement creation. Our talented team will create an engaging job advert based on your prerequisites to attract the best active and passive estate staffing candidates to apply for your job opening.
  • Reach Only Relevant Professionals. Our audience consists entirely of private estate staffing professionals from the UK, USA, Canada, Europe and Australia. We have carefully cultivated our audience over many years through our global domestic staffing magazine
  • Zero Placement Fees For Employers. Unlike traditional recruitment agencies, we do not charge you any % fees. The only price you pay is the upfront job posting fee. *A typical agency fee would be around 20% of the annual salary* (Typical agency fees start from $5000 through to $15000+)
  • Candidate Quality Control. As well as posting your domestic helper job opening on other websites such as: Indeed, LinkedIn and Facebook, we will filter all inbound applicants to ensure your inbox contains only those with the necessary experience. (Value $150)
  • Convenient Job Application Notifications. Each time a professional applies for your job opening, you will receive an email with details about the candidate, giving you easy access to the candidate information and resumé
  • 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee. If you do not receive any relevant applications for your job posting on our site, we will issue a refund on request. No risk. No Placement Fees. Great Candidates

Just $497.00 $77.00 USD

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Use the tool many domestic placement agencies use to find staff for affluent individuals and families across the world.  The perfect way to solve your hiring needs without paying thousands of dollars for the privilege.

Your job posting will quickly be put in front of the best private service professionals to ensure that applicants meet your standards

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