how to source luxury coffee for your estate, villa or yacht

The Luxury Coffee Experience

The coffee plant was first discovered in Ethiopia in the 11th Century and back then, the leaves of the so-called “magical fruit” were boiled in water and the resulting concoction was thought to have medicinal properties. As the fame of the coffee plant spread to other lands, its centuries-long voyage was about to begin. Today, the majority of the world’s population is being spoilt by the delicious and extremely seductive coffee aroma. At breakfast, lunch or after a luscious dinner, a cup of fresh fragrant coffee is something we crave and sometimes can’t do without.

Estate & Manor Magazine have asked Douglas Garner, the ultimate coffee expert and the owner of The Mister G Coffee Company to shed some light on the luxury coffee industry and to explain the idea behind his freshly roasted coffee business.  Douglas started ‘The Mister G Coffee Company’ out of a passion for freshly roasted coffee and its ability to bring people together.  As a child, he would join his Father and Grandfather at a local coffee shop and saw firsthand the power of coffee and it’s ability to connect people and stimulate conversation.  Throughout high school and university, Douglas again experienced how thoughts, ideas, and debates flourished over mugs of coffee.  In 2007 he learned to roast coffee for his own use, but soon after this, his friends who were visiting for dinner, wanted to buy the delicious coffee Douglas had roasted and The Mister G Coffee Company was born.

Mr. Garner explains, that coffee falls into two main categories: single origins and blends. A single origin is sourced from one specific area, whether it is a region, plantation, or designated area within a property.  Much like wine grapes, coffees are influenced by their environment.  Therefore, preserving coffee in a single origin allows the terroir to shine.

“Of course, roasting will highlight some basic characteristics and mute others”, says Douglas, “Blending coffees is a different art completely.  In some cases, blends are created to pair with a specific food or food family such as fruit based desserts or ice-creams.  In other instances, a blend is created as a signature taste for a yacht, a jet or a villa charter, a fashionable dining establishment or promotion.  Whatever the purpose, we strive to achieve a specific flavor profile requested by the client.  In the case of the few blends we offer, the goal was to customize a blend while imagining the situations in which the coffee would be enjoyed.  For example, Southwest Harbor, our breakfast blend, combines roasts which provide natural sweetness and a lighter mouth-feel to be enjoyed alone or with a wide variety of morning foods ranging from fruit, granola, and yogurt to eggs benedict.  A heavier coffee in this situation would overpower the dish.

Coffee is, essentially, a baked product.  As you are undoubtedly aware, time has a detrimental effect on baked goods.  Coffee is no different.  This is the reason why every bean we ship is roasted when the client places the order, not before.  This ensures the fullest, freshest coffee flavor, aroma, and body.  Coffee loses much of its aroma, natural sweetness and body after 2-3 weeks! Where most coffees are stamped with a year-old “Use By” date, ours are labeled with a “Roasted On” date along with the client’s name in most cases.

Roasting is a simple, yet complicated, process.  Each bean is roasted in single origin batches to specific standards and then blended when applicable.  Lighter roast coffees will retain their natural sweetness and fruit flavors.  Medium roasts will possess vanilla and nut flavor and aroma.  Darker roasts will heighten earth, richness, and chocolate favors.  The time window for the perfect roast is a matter of seconds”, advises Douglas.

The Mister G Coffee Company offer the customers around the world many different blends of luxurious yet in many cases rather affordable coffees. The Black Ribbon is a very special coffee that Douglas created to appeal to the more adventurous coffee connoisseur: “While the specific recipe is, indeed, a secret, I can divulge that it includes specially sourced coffees, roasted to perfection and blended to create a rich, sensuous coffee.  Black Ribbon is designed to provide a transforming coffee experience; changing flavors slightly from the first sip to the last”.

One of The Mister G Coffee Company unique services is yacht provisioning.  This allows yacht owners or representatives to create an exclusive, signature coffee blend which is delivered in time for arrival.  This guarantees the fresh supply of specially roasted coffee is always available.  The provisioning service is perfect for those who never want a disappointing coffee experience at home or at sea.

To find out more about the delicious coffees Douglas can provide, visit The Mister G Coffee Company’s website:

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