Remedy 101: Boost your effectiveness…your secret PA selection tool!

In our world where good is never good enough we all strive to be perfect. We want to get the maximum out of every minute, every penny, every contact, every employee, every meeting and every task. But then, somewhere along the way we realize – we are exhausted!

This ‘burn out’ principle is unfortunate but true in our speedy society filled with high expectations. The fact is, we need quite a long time to recover. But do we cut ourselves some slack after realizing we are running on empty? No, we don’t!

Prolonged stress and exhaustion have many and overwhelming negative effects on us. I don’t need to recite them as you have probably experienced some of them by yourself at some point in life. I do want to highlight the 101 remedy to break out of this state or to never enter this danger zone again.


The long answer? Engage in Personal Development to know your strengths and weaknesses. Invest serious time and efforts to set steps towards self-mastery. Identify past experiences that set standards for your belief system and expectation patterns. Redefine your goals according to new beliefs and create new habits and be persistent while implementing to make this transformation happen.

The short version? Embrace your imperfections so you will have more resources to thrive on your strengths!

Before I go on, I want to highlight 2 facts of our human nature. First of all, most answers we look for are simple, even too simple. We humans tend to ignore the simplicity, but the truth is always simple. We tend to ignore the simple truths because if we don’t – we would agree that we are blind or even stupid for not seeing this simplicity. And our precious ego will never allow us to be deliberately blind nor stupid.

Second fact of our behavior actually works in our favor. It’s been psychologically proven that when we understand the mechanics of any system or mechanism we tend to believe in its purpose and reliability more. In other words, if we get how it works – we believe it will work for us too.

OK, here are the mechanics of why this 101 remedy has an extreme impact on your effectiveness.

It’s all about time and attention management.

Nowadays we strive to focus and invest our attention on everything we do equally! Both on things we are good at and on things we at less than perfect at. The logical result is that we spend way more time and attention on things we are not good at. Why? Because we know we are naturally not good at it so we try harder, look for supporting apps or coaching, pay money to improve etc. You get the point! Things we are naturally good at we do on the fly, it’s easy and fast – and so we spend less time and effort on it.

The secret to your effectiveness is to focus more on what you are good at and outsource or delegate things you are less good at!

See, it’s very simple! If you will do MORE of where your strengths are you will achieve way more results and eventually thrive. To do that, we need to acknowledge we are not perfect. And that is a difficult thing for our egos. It’s a necessary evil.

Make it easy for yourself to get used to your imperfections. Don’t spend your precious time on things that you just can’t seem to get a grip on. Focus your energy and efforts on things you like and do more of those things that come naturally effortless to you.

The logical outcome is that when you let go of hard work of trying to do something you don’t want and like – you will get more time and energy to focus on your strengths. Everyone has their own MASTERY! And it is this way for a reason. World is not made of perfect people, never meant to. We imposed this on ourselves. Humans are made as a combination and addition to each other.

The road to every change starts with the first step. Define one weakness that is easy for you to embrace and let go of trying to be perfect at. Although, it doesn’t mean you will not have that element in your life anymore. Here is where your PA comes in…

And so, this is a perfect tool for you on how to select a PA that is perfect for you: find one that balances out your weaknesses! If your PA will complete your skillset, that will make you an unstoppable team that will win every time.

Use this ‘weakness’ selection tool to form your dream team to make you prosper in life and to become utmost effective in achieving your goals and dreams. It’s really a game of simplicity, combination and completion.

About Anna Tjumina

Anna Tjumina is a Private & Business PA to high executives, private individuals, socialites and entrepreneurs. She is passionately engaged and devoted to her profession for over 12 years. Providing support to most driven and demanding professionals, Anna mastered the art of service by understanding and catering to the needs accordingly. With financial background she explored areas of luxury yachting, commerce, live entertainment, world class architectural design and insurance giants. Since 2010, Anna founded a PA service providing company in The Netherlands. As the eminent PA on-demand, she is making a difference in lives of extraordinary professionals. Global PA Academy is her latest venture, the ultimate soft skills educational platform for Assistants.

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