7 ways to say THANK YOU

We all flourish when we feel acknowledged and appreciated. But the expression of such can have many forms. Some see financial gratifications as the main source of acknowledgement. Some need gifts and compliments. Some praise for even the smallest of things. The simple THANK YOU is the easiest and most effective way of showing that you care and to motivate future results! Here are some options to say Thank You. And feel free to mix & match to fit to the specific person or occasion.




Main course:


Verbal act of saying Thank You

This is a non-negotiable. We often forget to say a real Thank You. A quick Thanks doesn’t have any real meaning anymore. So if you appreciate something done, take a minute (that’s all it takes) and make that phone call, write a message (aka a Thank You with a context) or plan a 1-minute meeting to say the magic words in person.

We all can sense when a Thank You is sincere or not. So be sincere! The other person will appreciate it more than you can imagine. A well-meant Thank You can ensure the good vibes linger for days or even months. It’s an instant mood changer. And mind you, the gratification of a sincere Thank You is way beyond of any factual results. That is simple truth that we tend to forget. Sometimes, all the hard work and efforts are just because we badly want to get a real Thank You.


Side dishes:


Express acknowledgement (for the impact the deed has on you) or share a compliment.
It usually goes along with saying Thank You if you’re willing to spend a little more effort on it.

Here is a hot tip: ‘I AM’ is the most powerful phrase in human vocabulary. It represents the reason for existence and has a very profound power. So, by adding things like ‘You ARE very skillful! You ARE great! You ARE a champion!’ (with focus on ARE) others are instantly rewarded for their existence. It’s a very primal, and unconscious, but an effective method to acknowledge people. More on this subject in the following post…


A financial reward (a bonus or gift card)
It doesn’t have to be big, but be considerate – this is a slippery slope. People tend to see the value of it as a representation of the magnitude of your gratefulness. Those two are often not comparable and so the amount can seed false expectations. Also, this tactic can be easily abused. If you use it too often and with certain consistency it can become expected of you and your Thank You act will lose its magic (think mandatory tips in USA). Or when you give away financial rewards without any personal context, they will not seem genuine at some point. I would say, only special occasions or big projects are nominees for a financial reward.

A (small) gift
Same as the previous tactic, the size and value is up to your consideration. Although, the effort and attention are powerful element here. Even the smallest but customized, personal, and hard-to-find gifts are can have a big impact. Handwritten notes are the secret weapon to a lasting impression!

Plan time/meeting (attention gifts)

Some people would love to spend some time with you, so in some cases planning a time to be there with them is a very special way of saying Thank You. Make the effort of clearing your agenda for people that you know would appreciate your undivided attention.
This also goes for a cup of coffee when you actually show interest in the person sitting across the table. Even a quick lunch without any distractions or time pressure is a massive plus. Find a way to pay attention to people you want to show your gratitude to and you will both benefit.


I have seen many junior employees that would go lengths to get a mentoring session with a senior boss. Or a colleague or a friend who would value an advice on a pressing issue. This is a very specific way of showing appreciation, but a very valued one.



Favour in return
When you’re not sure how to say Thank You propose something in return, like: ‘I want to Thank You for … and I want to do something for you in return. Is there anything I can do for you?’

People will not always ask for something, but it’s the thought that counts here. Sometimes there are things you can do to make things happen, so make sure you follow up on any promises. A goodwill goes a long way…

Take time for the Thank You ceremony. It’s crucial for any relationship you will ever have.
And if you are extremely short on time and attention, remember to just sincerely say Thank You. You can really make someone’s day with these two words!

PS: When you want to thank someone by doing something special, ask your PA to come up with list of ideas. Usually, your PA will know the person in question and they might know something regarding their preferences. Otherwise, let them brainstorm a list of options by giving them a few directions. You will be surprised how creative we can get!

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