Avoid 3 Pitfalls That Will Ruin Any PA Relationship

Communication gaps

Personal Assistants are not mind readers, although we surely try to be. We will be well informed on the recurring topics, but there is no way we can know it all. There are ever changing preferences and sudden changes of heart. Take a second and let your PA know if there is something special cooking in your mind, we would love to accommodate. Your timely update will increase our productivity.

There is no need to explain every nitty-gritty detail, assistants are good in filling in the blanks accordingly, especially long-time PAs. Usually, it’s not the details that count, but the reasoning behind a request. Tell us your desired end results and we will figure out the best way to fulfill it. If any urgent specifics will crop up along the way, mention them asap.

Ultimate PA proof: An accomplished PA will accept, respect and alter to your communication style. They will make it easy for you to express yourself and they will skillfully summarise and ask for feedback to make sure the message transaction is successful and correct.

Business associate perspective

There will always be a certain hierarchy in your relationship with any PA, but it pays to see us as part of your executive team; contributing to the company called ‘YOU’. Our goals are similar, we work for the same beneficiary and we both strive to achieve its required well-being, maintain superb image and provide nourishment to flourish on-wards.

Trust, credibility, openness, appreciation and motivation absolutely work both ways in this super team. If you will work with your PA on the similar standards as a business associate, you will both benefit exceedingly. Give fair feedback, correct respectfulness, express openly and be just who you are. Show you are thankful and content if any important task or project is delivered on or above expectations.

By delegating some bigger projects or tasks to your PA will empower their sense of accomplishment and pride. Just as you would delegate a project to your business associate, please refrain from micromanagement. If you don’t have full trust yet or you doubt their certain capacity – ask for frequent updates on the progress instead. This will reassure you and enable your PA to move forward in confidence.

Ultimate PA proof: Most accomplished PAs take their duties of supporting you very seriously. They will oversee your life like a hawk and they will surely have a list of projects that they would love to take over and surprise you by achieving the needed result or even supersede it. As most PAs know that you value your privacy and methodology greatly, we won’t be the first ones to propose such a takeover. So do ask your PA once in a while if there is something they see that could be organized better or if there are any projects that might be in line with their ambition. You will know your PA is involved and committed if they will come up with few projects right away. It’s on their radar!

Personal behind the title

Although assistants are happily devoted to your life, your goals and your preferences – we do have our own private life, our aspirations and our needs. Please keep in mind that those make us who we are. Our well-being is important for your duties to be dealt with in the required and excellent manner. The person behind the title of being your PA is an amazing creature that holds your values and well-being high and dear.

We don’t expect you to become our best friend, but we would appreciate it if you would be considerate of any personal situations that might occur, our family duties and approve, whenever possible, our request to take a vacation. We will be on call anyway, we will assure you that our phone or laptop will be within our reach.

You hear all those stories of PAs suffering from burnout and unfortunately, most of them are very true and sad. No, it’s not because of the heavy duties most of the time. It’s because it takes a huge amount of effort and energy to keep our mind focused on things around you 24/7. It’s because things DO go wrong all the time. You won’t see or hear about it, because we will deal with it behind closed doors. That’s why those unfortunate stories usually come by surprise… When we are around you – we keep our cool, play nice and make everything look and be shiny and well.

Although, we don’t need you to be our Dr. Phil either. Just consider accordingly that we might have a stressful or a difficult time too.

Ultimate PA proof: A professional PA will tell you if there is anything in their personal life that might impact their duties toward supporting you and how long it might take to deal with it. You won’t have to guess. Where possible, please give your PA some slack. You will remain our priority anyway, we just might not be all 110% during that time. Your goodwill will make us feel supported too and this will make our relationship stronger and better. When a PA excels – others benefit.

About Anna Tjumina

Anna Tjumina is a Private & Business PA to high executives, private individuals, socialites and entrepreneurs. She is passionately engaged and devoted to her profession for over 12 years. Providing support to most driven and demanding professionals, Anna mastered the art of service by understanding and catering to the needs accordingly. With financial background she explored areas of luxury yachting, commerce, live entertainment, world class architectural design and insurance giants. Since 2010, Anna founded a PA service providing company in The Netherlands. As the eminent PA on-demand, she is making a difference in lives of extraordinary professionals. Global PA Academy is her latest venture, the ultimate soft skills educational platform for Assistants.

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