How your PA will raise your EQ

Countless research keeps telling us that the secret to success lies in our EQ: our ability of being and acting Emotionally Intelligent. There are guidelines and coaching sessions available. The thing is, if you aspire to be truly successful there is no way you could use your EQ to its full force if you cannot control one single area of your life – your stress levels!

Psychology figured out that in the moments that we feel stressed, our brain releases hormones, one of such is called adrenaline. This powerful hormone does a lot of good things for us (like making the ‘fight or flight’ response possible), but it also activates our emotional center. It basically means, that our actions are more emotionally driven which is not always a good thing. Strong emotions can make you act irrational, illogically and overly spontaneous.

In addition to all the released emotions, adrenaline temporarily affects our ability to resist impulses and urges. This is why we break our ‘good intentions’ during stressed out moments. It has nothing to do with a failure of our iron will, it’s biologically driven and predetermined! And it results in crashing a diet, taking up smoking, braking our routines, acting with cloudy judgement or bashing out our emotions when we normally remain perfectly calm and collected.

No need to explain that those are not our finest moments and our EQ drops few points every time it happens. Why? Because those are our unguarded moments. Emotions are powerful like that.

Being EQ-healthy means you are in control of yourself, you can analyze the situations around you with precision and you can act on the fine signals that you know need attention. There is no way you can do all that when your emotions and adrenaline rule your state of mind.

And so, here is another reason why we need to stay away from being stressed. Not only do you miss out on a good nights sleep, cope with a cramped up digestion, experience weak memory and depleted energy levels…there is more to it: you create a temporarily lower EQ that will prevent you from being truly successful. This might motivate you to announce (or admit) stress, the enemy of your ‘well-being state’.

This was a long prelude to why your PA can be of help to you here. PAs know your habits and your life schedule inside out and they will be the first ones to point out the areas that need immediate stress-release attention. Express your intention to decrease stress in your life and request your PA to come up with solutions that will help you achieve that ‘success’ state of mind. You can even agree on code words for your PA to use to alert you when you need de-stressing ASAP! Two heads are better than one.

Take some time to go over these steps, preferably with your PA, and don’t forget to revisit them when you feel situations are getting out of hand and stress starts gaining a foothold:

  1. Make a list of what is currently stressing you out
  2. Make a list of what stresses you out generally
  3. Make a list of things that relaxes you, both immediately, short term and long term
  4. Plan long term relaxation time well upfront. Let your PA block your agenda and don’t break up those sacred moments – NO MATTER WHAT!
  5. Agree on things your PA can do to ‘gently’ in order to make you aware that things are heating up.

Sometimes we just don’t see it coming. Better stop earlier and take a deep breath rather than waiting for things to go down under big time, baring bigger consequences to deal with.

Now: Ready, Set, Action!
Avoid the ‘stress lists’ where possible and get into habit of de-stressing when you feel like it.

If you are have a gruelling schedule and you don’t have the luxury of taking long vacations, here are some tips to get into your routine that will do the trick:

  1. 20-minute workouts in the morning are proven to be most effective for extremely busy people in extremely demanding environments.
  2. When feeling stressed out, look at something green or look up at something bright. This immediately decreases stress by 20%.
  3. Take a few 5-minute breaks throughout the day. Research has proven that those small breaks are extremely effective, even more effective than sporadically engaging in meditation or sports. What to do in those 5 minutes? Take few deep breaths into your belly! The science behind it: when your belly expands it adds pressure to some very vital nerve centers surrounding your spine which send specific signals to your brain, signalling relaxation. This is scientifically proven to release big stress immediately. It might not look flattering, so try these belly-breaths in the comfort of some privacy or solitude.

And remember, when your PA will tap on your shoulder to tell you that you are getting stressed out over nothing – it’s probably the right time to slow down instead of snapping out… You hired us to do the job of protecting you and this is what our battle time looks like.

Your well-being is important to us. We all perform better when we are relaxed, calm and collected. So let us be your watchdog, because dealing with it on your own is a tough job. We know you, we care for you, and we know how to bring you back to your A-game.

Use your PA power to become truly successful and raise your EQ!

About Anna Tjumina

Anna Tjumina is a Private & Business PA to high executives, private individuals, socialites and entrepreneurs. She is passionately engaged and devoted to her profession for over 12 years. Providing support to most driven and demanding professionals, Anna mastered the art of service by understanding and catering to the needs accordingly. With financial background she explored areas of luxury yachting, commerce, live entertainment, world class architectural design and insurance giants. Since 2010, Anna founded a PA service providing company in The Netherlands. As the eminent PA on-demand, she is making a difference in lives of extraordinary professionals. Global PA Academy is her latest venture, the ultimate soft skills educational platform for Assistants.

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