Wednesday , February 8 2023
So what should you do to make sure your party is a success?

The Party Season

Well the event orders are starting to roll in.  As the evenings become lighter, the weather drags itself away from the winter doom and gloom and everyone wakes up again, we are all out partying once more. Hooray!

So what should you do to make sure your party is a success?

The whole concept of spring-cleaning came about because, with the changing light levels at this time of year, the dirt, dust and general mustiness of winter suddenly become glaringly obvious.  It has been proven that our energy levels drop with decreased light levels so as it gets lighter, our energy is rising, ready for the Spring, procreation and the summer activities…

The first ingredient to a successful party is therefore to make sure the house is scrubbed, polished and checked for wear and tear.  By touching up the tired corners you will create a template for whatever immediate decorations you might add.

Since cherry blossom is abundant at the moment, only available at this time of year and incredibly good value I would recommend buying armfuls of it, sold as foliage but appearing like a flower.  It marks one of the ‘best buys’ you can make in the floristry world. It looks best in a tall vase, but with a narrow neck.  This will force the branches to burst out of the top of the vase rather than slide down back inside it.  Finished with some silvery eucalyptus fronds (the English eucalyptus that has only recently become available has large, floppy leaves and cascades dramatically over the side of the vase, turning the average arrangement into a work of art), the overall effect is dramatic, elegant, stylish.  

If you have small, pretty silver vases, you might want to fill them with highly scented, peony-style garden roses.  These come in every colour, but if you want to match the blossom, choose palest pink, ivory, cream and maybe a touch of lilac, arranged in messy clumps that scream understatement and sophisticated nonchalance.

Your colour scheme, however, might require something more robust.  In this case I would recommend, more expensive than blossom, but quite exquisite, clouds of ‘Gloriosa’ lilies, the National Flower of Zimbabwe and stunning in front of a colourful Chinese screen or  lacquered cabinet etc.  Find a tall, vase again with a slim neck so the flowers can erupt from the top of the vase and command the space.  I would leave these on their own – no foliage required to add weight as the impact is on the delicacy of the flowers on their own.

For the occasional tables, posies of the same flower keep the colour spreading through the space – goldfish bowls in vintage or clear glass work a treat here.

If you have time on your hands and you would like to take the party to the next dimension, you could take a single blossom or lily and gently wire it with fine silver wire or even appropriately coloured satin ribbon, to the stem of the drinks glasses before handing them out to guests – the ultimate finishing touch to show how culturally aware and refined you are….

About Elizabeth Marsh

Based in New Covent Garden Market at the heart of the industry, award-winning Elizabeth Marsh Floral Design Ltd serves a wide range of customers with weekly flowers, flowers for events, Christmas installations and bouquet deliveries across London and the rest of the world, whilst her workshops have proved highly popular in London and New York. Having worked with customers such as Harvey Nichols, Mappin and Webb and Marcus Wareing for over 20 years we will match the flowers to your brand (or personality), marketing strategy (or guests' profile) to make sure you achieve as much of the 'wow' factor as you require and that your floral decor speaks about you in the way you would wish.

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