How To Stand Out When In Uniform

Unless you work for a government agency, there is always room to show your personality, even when wearing uniform.

In recent years, employers have moved away from providing formal uniforms, with many simply stating guidelines for what their employees should wear. Black & white or all black are the most common parameters. Their aim is to ensure that their team presents a unified look but they do not want their employees to no longer be individual. They hired you for what makes you unique so the following 5 tips will help to remind you how to exude personal style, regardless of the rules.

Glasses: Whether you actually need to wear glasses or not, these are a great accessory for everyone. They come is a huge range of colours and styles to suit all face shapes. Interchange between wearing glasses or contact lenses (if required) in order to quickly add character to your uniform.

Hair: Let your hair dresser introduce you to a new style/cut. These ultra-creatives can help transform your look whilst keeping the style manageable. If you only want a few ideas on how to style your locks, they will be more than happy to show you options. Just ask.

Coats: Your uniform has to match everyone else’s but what you wear on the outside doesn’t. Make a statement with your coat, jacket, hat, scarf and gloves.

Socks & Tights/Stockings: Black socks and tights are effortless but legs and ankles can be a fun place for self-expression which most managers will not have an issue with. Aluminous colours aside, all other colours ways, patterns and textures should be fine. Have fun with it and see who notices.

Shoes: We are spoilt for choice when it comes to footwear with so many designs and materials at every price point. Obviously comfort is important but in this age there is no need to wear boring footwear. Go on, try something different!

These tips are easy to explore and apply as you probably already have these items in the drawer or wardrobe just waiting to be used.

For ‘Unique Uniform’ applications here are 2 example companies, whose employees conform to the rules but still retain their individualism:

  1. MAC Cosmetics – All of their makeup artists wear all black but do not look the same.
  2. Apple employees wear Apple t-shirts and their own trousers and shoes/trainers and again no two people look alike.

Don’t hide behind the uniform, bring it to life with what makes you, you!

About Adonica Simmons

Adonica is the Founding Director and Lead Personal Stylist of Global Style Services. Adonica has the uncanny ability to dress the ‘real you’. Her attention to detail and creative style sense has been honed over the last 7 years, where she has styled, dressed, shopped for and refreshed wardrobes across the world. An authentic people person, who brings confidence and a vibrant energy to all of her clients regardless of their budget. Adonica comes from a corporate background and cleverly weaves her professional knowledge, with business cultures at home and away. Clients trust Adonica with their personal style because she proves that clothing is a tool for communication which can be managed quickly and efficiently, when you know how! Adonica is based in London and travels extensively in order to best meet her client’s requirements. Her favourite past times are laughing, finding fashion bargains and playing competitive netball.

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