How to start your career as an estate manager and find a reputable estate management school

Advice on Choosing an Estate Management School

How does one find an estate management school and become an Estate Manager in the first place? We all know that with professions like lawyers and doctors everything is simple – you study hard, graduate and find a job, work hard and earn a deserved promotion. But where do you start if you want to become a Household/Estate Manager and find employment? Estate & Manor Magazine have asked Erich J. Fiser about all the peculiarities of his impressive career development. Erich has a military background and possesses a BS in Organizational Communication and a Masters Degree in Human Services and Executive Leadership.  He also graduated from the USAF’s Squadron Officer School and is now a certified Estate Manager.

“I started out as an enlisted aircraft maintenance guy. I received my commission in 2003 and became a second Lieutenant in the USAF, then I was selected by a General Officer to be his Executive Officer. In this position, I managed the day-to-day inner workings of his staff and office ensuring that his vision was accomplished.  I served in that role for over two years.  Then I was selected to be deployed to Afghanistan to serve as the Aide-de-Camp to another General and also served as his driver and security detail, traveling with the General to all events.  Aside from that, I became his personal assistant. Living and serving at the US Embassy brought its own challenges and events to tackle head on and once again, I found myself excelling at ensuring both his personal and official goals were successful.  When I left Afghanistan in 2010, I was selected to perform in a command and control function for Combat Rescue Forces in the Pacific. This was primarily a logistics function for those going in to save those in harm’s way. Once I left that world of personal assistants and security details, I found myself wanting to continue to serve in that capacity. I really enjoyed working with people at the highest levels of our government, learning how they think and perform on a daily basis. This was the main reason for my enrolling with Starkey International Institute for Household Management. It seemed like the smartest way to learn the nuances of the private sector HNW families – I wanted to serve them well and leave no stone unturned.

When searching for a private service school I didn’t really know what I was looking for. I started looking at franchises and this private service school popped up on one of my searches.  I put in my info and was contacted shortly thereafter. If I was looking for anything in particular, I was looking for something that would make me well rounded and further prepared to serve.  I am sure that I wanted a school that was “connected” to the people who needed help living their day-to-day busy lives. I was planning to attend the school using my GI BIll monies. Unfortunately, I was misinformed by the school, but it seemed to make sense on the front end. That being said, my tuition reimbursement was denied by the VA and I paid for it out of the monies I made while serving in Afghanistan. I was most definitely swayed by the promises of successful job placement upon completion of the course and their website recommendations. I only really looked at Starkey, they seemed to be the best and were close by. They had letters of recommendation from other general officers and at one point apparently trained some of the enlisted aides. I did use the internet for my due diligence, but in all honesty, I just wanted to attend, and the locale was convenient to me. We did learn some interesting ideas about zone cleaning and did have a great and sincere culinary experience, but aside from that, I was a bit disappointed with the school. Besides, out of 5 or so students in the class, only one got employment upon graduation. If I were considering a school today, I would only consider attending a school that is backed by DEMA and ONLY after speaking with people currently working in the industry in the role that I would be pursuing.  Furthermore, the school leadership would have to be of the highest caliber.

Erich is happy to answer any questions in relation to the article. Connect with him here.


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