Emergency Planning For Private Residences

Understanding on how to protect one of your biggest investments from a disaster

Many times a year, you read about large fire losses to mansions and estates due to fires that could have been easily detected and mitigated through pre-incident planning and fire/life safety systems.

A quick search, of some of the more recent devastating fires from around the world, shows a variety of causes from small electronic toys, temporary electrical wiring, improper storage of combustibles, outdoor fireplaces, remodeling/renovations and lightning strikes.

These structures may or may not be fully-occupied throughout the year so the importance of having a robust and redundant fire protection and safety plan is critical. Currently, most of the properties do not have fire protection systems, minimal fire detection systems, inadequate water supply on the property due to the distance from the main road, and security access issues that will increase the time for emergency responders to get on scene and effectively mitigate the emergency.

I challenge the developers, owners, and operators of these properties, to consider more than the minimum local requirements when it comes to fire protection and life safety. Critical items to consider when developing or managing a mansion or estate is the installation of fire protection and detection systems, capabilities of the local fire service, water supply, establishing a “fire watch” during renovation and re-modeling, an access control system for responders when the property is protected and the installation of a lightning protection system.

The need is now to be proactive in the fire protection and life safety approach of these structures through an effective pre-incident plan to ultimately protect the biggest investment anyone can have, family.

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