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Employing a Chauffeur or Outsourcing the Role?

We receive a fair few inquiries from wealthy individuals and families who are looking at the possibility of using an external supplier rather than directly employing a chauffeur. This could be for a number of reasons: cost, flexibility and the difficulty in finding a suitable candidate for a permanent role. When dealing with such inquiries we always try to establish the exact needs of the customer. The customer may need a saloon car throughout the week but at weekends need something bigger for the family, so this is where using a company with a variety of cars would be a key advantage. Most chauffeur companies have become more willing to adapt to the needs of each client and offer something far more bespoke.

Employing a chauffeur can be very costly but it does give the client the one to one service they demand. The cost of a high end suitable vehicle can be anything upwards of £50K with a dedicated driver also commanding a salary on the high end of £45k, add insurance and you have £100K before the car has actually moved. The fuel, servicing, holiday pay and national insurance will increase this figure considerably, thus making the move to an external company a real cost effective option.

A chauffeur company will allocate a dedicated pool of drivers to ensure continuity and give the feeling of having your own personal driver at all times. The company will manage this closely as the fear is always with the client trying to recruit the driver to leave and work directly for them.

We have various high profile customers who did previously have their own chauffeur and did move to us for a number of reasons. In our experience customers rarely decide to go back to employing a chauffeur but in some instances they like us to drive their own vehicle.

When making the decision with regards your particular driving requirement always speak to a reliable chauffeur company before starting the process of recruitment, which can be timely and costly. You may find the company can offer exactly what you require and be a sensible cost effective option.

Written by Darren Cumber of ground transportation specialists, Crawfords of London

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