How to successfully run a Butler team

There is a lot is written when it comes to management; rules, what to do and what not to do, etc. Finding Your way on to the path of management and leadership is a constant learning curve, you will meet recognition, approval and amazement.

Leading your butler team by example

Management and leadership of today is not about telling and giving out orders, it is about showing the way, inspiring and leading by doing A to Z by example.

A lot of well-known people have given their opinion about this topic during the years:

«Communication is the language of management» – James Humes.

«The task of a good leader is to take people where they have never been before.» – Henry Kissinger

«When the  blind leads the blind they both go into the ditch.» – The Holy Bible.

A lot of quotes, sentences and even books have been written about the topic of management and leadership. Here are my ‘rules’ to become a modern and including leader – The 14 Management commandments from Tore Berger, for managers, owners, head Butlers and others:

  1. Cultivate your co-worker’s strengths.
  2. Provide room for challenges for your staff.
  3. Withstand inequalities and discussion.
  4. Employ staff with social skills.
  5. Include everyone, show care, empathy and caring.
  6. Use humour and show good mood.
  7. Contribute when needed, but do not take tasks from anyone.
  8. Feedback on personal negatives is private, on positives, it is for the public.
  9. Use time, energy and invest in your staff.
  10. Have personal talks on a regular basis.
  11. Make everyone understand that they are an asset to the operations.
  12. Implement the understanding that everyone can learn from one another.
  13. Grow and implement a sharing culture amongst all.
  14. Information and communication is your mantra as a leader.

These are the fourteen commandments I try to keep alive and kicking at all times with my teams. It’s not always easy, but important for me to try and fulfil them on a daily basis for my team’s development.

Create your own rules and commandments, what’s important to you? What counts? What is essential for your business, your people, your household?

Find Your path, and remember if you are working in a private household, your principal’s rules and commandments always comes first.

Be the perfect version of Yourself, it can be good enough…

Written by Tore Berger: F&B Consultant & Professional Butler founder of Berger Consulting 

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