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Roses to Ward off Pesky Paparazzi

Roses to Ward off Pesky Paparazzi

Juliet:“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”

Shakespeare told us that an aromatic rose is still a rose in it’s little rose soul, no matter what name you give it.  This much, I agree with.  However, are you aware of the varied ways roses can be used around your home?

Some roses would be grand in the children’s garden.  Others are better suited around your estate perimeter to ward off hikers and paparazzi.  The thirst to find out more about your goings on inside your home will be warded off by a beautiful yet prickly barrier of roses.

Please note, if you have technically advanced electric fences or a small army of drones to attack intruders, perhaps the development of a thorny rose fence is not for you.  For others, please read on.

  • Keep your thorny vegetation away from your outer walls so that should a fire occur, your local fire fighters will have access to your home.
  • If you do insist on having electrical fences, kindly inform your gardening staff so they don’t accidentally disconnect the electrical current, nor accidentally use their metal sheers and snip the wires, accidentally electrocuting themselves. Likewise, most gardening staff frown on the use of swarms of robotic flying drones during their maintenance schedules.  Keep your electrical barrier free from vegetation and staff.
  • Should you opt for decorating a plain “current-free” fence with thorny rose bushes to deter curious invaders who wish to “hop the fence to get a closer look”, then you are in luck.

Although there are loads of varieties with thorns, I have focused on the David Austin bred roses.  Old fashioned roses do tend to have  more thorns.  For NON David Austin roses, thorny climbers would be “Mermaid”  and “Kiftsgate” , both simple five-petal roses.


Below is a chart I have compiled which lists the David Austin, very thorny varieties with bloom colors so you can better plan the brilliant spectrum you wish to experience when  your garden is in full bloom.

Rose Name
Benjamin Britten
Charles Rennie Mackintosh
Cottage Rose
Soft Pink
Soft Pink
Gertrude Jekyll
Dark Lavender
Glamis Castle
LD Braithwaite
Mary Rose
Roseraie De L’Hay
Sharifa Asma
St Cecila
Nearly White
Teasing Georgia
Tess of the d’Urbervilles


Written by G.J dePhillis for Estate & Manor Magazine. G.J. dePillis lives in Southern California, is a Master Gardener, and always happy to research questions you may have on any topic relating to the management of your home.

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