Watch Maintenance For Butlers

The Butler is often THE contact person or liaison when it comes to household maintenance and control. A maintenance manual should be readily available, either inside the main household manual or as its own separate manual.

Repairs, faults and a general maintenance log should be a natural part of such a manual. The principal or hotel director sees the Butler as a professional who pays close attention to the fine details.

It is therefore important for the Butler to keep his or her eyes and ears open for the less obvious happenings inside the whole household.

Watches, shoes, wardrobe, jewellery, cars and even weapons can all be a part of a Butlers daily maintenance jobs. The latter two are rarer, but can still be under a Butler responsibility.

All the other detail objects are normal and a part of daily duties for most Butlers. Maintenance, repair, ordering inventory, cleaning and having all residential paperwork in order. Receipts, custom papers and copies are essential, at home, during a hotel stay, and throughout travel time.


David Duggan watches in London is a specialist in the watch trade. With a large collection of exclusive watches, the boutique has customers from all over the world.

Here are some tips from Mr Duggan to the professional Butler:

  • Always ensure that you keep receipts and insurance papers in order at all times.
  • Have a log on the different watches and their maintenance and service schedules. Every two to four years is a normal schedule time for watches.
  • Watches on batteries: Change batteries at least every second year, keep a log of the changes and the dates.
  • The so-called «winding box» is essential for all mechanical watches. It keeps the watch moving and is especially important on travels, but also in the household where there are several watches to be taken care of. Mechanical watches need movement in order to function properly, and therefore a «winding box» is key to a perfectly operating watch.
  • Ensure that all original papers and boxes that the watches came in are stored correctly and easily accessible, this is due to insurance and possible sales.
  • Never expose watches to extreme cold or heat without protection.
  • Conduct a waterproof/water depth test every year.
  • After use in pools or the sea, always use mid temperature fresh water for cleaning.
  • Non-water-resistance watches are also sensitive to damp and moisture, so be mindful of this.
  • Mechanical watches should never be exposed to any type of radiation.
  • Always wind a watch on your arm. Keep it stable in your hand and wind it with the other hand without too much movement.
  • If there are any questions about a watch or watches, seek out a watch store or a specialist on the specific brand, never try to fix anything yourself – Use dealerships and build relationships with their people.

Written by Tore Berger, who is a fully-qualified butler and hospitality professional. You can reach out to Tore on LinkedIn

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