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Making the right choices for your child’s education can be an overwhelming responsibility and a bewildering process.  Ideas about “what is best” change over time and people are apt to disagree at any rate.  We often get asked about the benefits of Home Schooling, for example.  Many families are now choosing to home educate using carefully picked residential tutors and governesses rather than sending their children to Independent Schools or International Schools.  What are the benefits of this style of education for children and families?

In a world where life rarely stands still and families are busier than ever, the option to remove the rigid restraints imposed by schooling must surely hold an appeal. Full or part time home schooling is an option that allows families to tailor the educational experience, not only to the child to perfectly accommodate learning styles, needs and interests, but to fit in with the lifestyle, aspirations and values of the family.

Many international families spend time travelling around the world from one post to another; the world has become a significantly more transient place to be.  For some such families, international schools are not viewed as a preferred option as the upheaval of starting a new school every couple of years can be immense and unsettling for young children.  Many international schools operate at a significantly lower academic level when compared to UK public schools.  The reasons for this are numerous but it is frequently the result of English as a Foreign Language (EAL) pressures and the very transient nature of the school community itself.   For some families, a new work location may be too remote and travelling to an international school is not a logistical option at all. Private tutors provide the continuity in education that enhances a child’s learning, offering an educator who can ensure significant academic progression throughout this period.

Flexible home schooling is an ideal option for children who are working on film sets or away for busy sporting schedules, unable to adhere to a rigid daily timetable.  A private full or part time tutor will mould the lessons around the student’s other commitments, ensuring that children do not miss out on valuable education whilst also reaping the rewards and enrichment that results from following their passion. When children are missing periods of time from school the option to mix home schooling with attendance at a mainstream school, can provide the ‘very best of both worlds’.  This flexibility enables families to provide the lifestyle that they wish for their children without limitations.

There are also sound Educational reasons for choosing a less conventional form of education.  An education that is not constrained by timetables, or the kinds of stringent assessment processes of traditional education…somewhere that enables children to discover who they are and not just jump through the necessary hoops to ‘succeed’ in conventional schooling. Some children thrive in this environment, the child led nature of the tutoring process can awaken motivation, passion and lifelong learning as the child takes responsibility and ownership of his or her learning.  This coupled with the potential to embrace unique learning opportunities as they arise can lead to an extremely vibrant experience.  We often talk about the World as a Classroom, and never is that more in evidence than here…making the most of the surroundings to excite and enthuse the student and all show the relevance of their education: to learn to live and succeed in the world.

Tutoring Futures, in partnership with Front Row Education work closely with families to enable such flexibility, allowing families to take private tutors with them during periods of travel. Whether you wish to embark on an extended holiday or temporarily relocate for business, Tutoring Futures will ensure that the right tutor is found for your family.

By Katharine Allen, www.frontroweducation.co.uk

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