Inspire Your Child To Read Books

Getting children to read books in this age of technology, games and touch screen tablets can be difficult but achievable. Children need to read books for one, because of the school environment and secondly, it because creates a world of imagination, exploration, creativity, and where almost anything can happen. Inspiring children to read books in it’s self requires a technique that is engaging, taking them to a world they did not know existed.


  • Start Early: getting children engaged in books as early as possible can be productive. Some parents start reading to their child right from the womb. In most cases, reading to a child from an early age (three months) can help establish him/her being able to identify your voice and tone, and also setting routines.


  • Read A Book Too: lead by example and read a book yourself too. When children see their parents reading a book, the tendency of them copying the attribute of book reading is much higher than when there is no example to follow.


  • Have A Home Library: having a library at home to show a collection of family books is a great way of inspiring children to read. A bookshelf at home displaying a collection of books, from when your child was a baby, shows a book interest of family history. A home library should be accessible and have a variety of books that is appropriate for children and at the same time helps to develop their vocabulary.


  • Keep Your Promise: If your child request a special book read from you, do keep your promise. It is understandable not to be available at the exact time your child request a special read. However, when you promise for a future time or day, do create the time by keeping your promise. When you create the time and implement your promise, you are re-enforcing the joys of reading a book.


  • Encourage Books From School: If your child does not bring a reading book from school, at least three times a week, speck to the class teacher about your concern. Not all schools do this. When you work together with the teacher and care for the books this can be very profiting for your child.


  • Natural Readers: are the children who naturally love to read books. It’s a part of their behaviour, personality and character to always want to read. Do not discourage your child like the case of Matilda, the movie but rather encourage this attribute. Children who read naturally tend to be great researchers, poets, writers, language literates and orators.


  • Buy Book Of Interest: such books can be about cars, magic, dinosaurs, fishing, biology, architecture, hairstyles, barking and many more.


  • Buy Child’s Favourite Author: for children who are established readers, buying books by their favourite author can help keep them engaged. A book or author that is not of interest to your child can sit on the bookshelf for a long time before getting a first opening.


  • Library Visit: a well-known advise given to parents is to visit the library. However, local libraries are being closed down or are often not close to the home. Specialist libraries that focus on specific subjects or interest can help fill that space, which can be turned to a day out with your child. Such libraries include British Film Institute, London Metropolitan Archives, National Maritime Museum Library and so many more.
  • Visit A Book Shop: shopping for books with your child can be inspiring for him/her to keep reading. It provides the different types of choices and possibilities that are visually available.


  • Magazines And Newspapers: this is one of the oldest way of encouraging children to read and it still works. There are varieties of children magazines to choose from, however, a free local newspaper can also do the job.


  • Downloadable Books/APPS: more and more books are being downloaded from the internet and different application stores, which does include children books. As tablet gadgets become more price accessible for parents, the future of downloading books for children is now.


Parents share stories of how regularly reading the bible or a particular fairy tale book has helped their child with reading. In the case of the famous hip-hop rapper, Jay-Z, it was reading the dictionary that gave him the early success in his career. You never know where reading a book will lead to, just READ!

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