Roles of the Nanny and How They Can Save You Tons of Money

Working with nannies in the last few years, I have noticed that hiring a nanny has increasingly become a bit of a luxury for many employers.

Everyone seems to be looking for alternative childcare solutions and ways of saving money. While this may sound like a good choice for you and your family, your nanny is really all you need. She/he represents many different professions, all rolled into one nice, neat package. I strongly believe that your nanny is worth every last penny of the money you pay her.

The key to getting your money’s worth is working in partnership. As a single carer, the nanny or you can accomplish a positive change, as a team you can make miracles happen. Good partnership needs to be built from the first meeting. You would not choose to hire a person who does not share your values and believes, so why not trust your nanny explicitly?

– As a parent, you are the expert on knowing your child.

– As a nanny, she/ he are experts on how to care for your child.

Nanny has years of experience and is often highly qualified. Yet, you find yourself paying hundreds of pounds for an hour of consultation with Sleep trainers, Nutritionists, Behaviour therapists, Potty training specialists, who do not know your child intimately and therefore, cannot cater specifically for your little one. I know many nannies who embrace these roles with ease and enthusiasm and deliver fantastic results, but nannies are not being recognised as professionals at the same time.

The best way to build a lasting partnership is to LISTEN, COMMUNICATE EFFECTIVELY and TRUST your nanny’s judgment.

The nanny will have a clear plan on how to set up sleep routine, how to promote positive behaviour and how to devise and implement healthy eating regime for your child, drawing from her previous practice. The nanny will always consider you and your wishes and preferences and you, in turn, can help by trusting nanny’s abilities and not undermining her professionalism by going against her in front of the children.

There is a good time to discuss the issues, and it is always after children’s bedtime. Once you have agreed a plan of action, you do need to stick it out. Take potty training, for example. You can successfully train the child to go to the potty/ toilet within a week, once they are ready.

So nanny comes to work the first week, you are all excited and work hard from Monday to Friday and celebrate success with very few mishaps. Then comes the weekend. I fully understand that you have your life to enjoy, but putting your child into the nappy just for the convenience, may see them regress and all your achievement will be lost. Consistent care is the only way forward if you do not want to deal with months of renewed, but failed attempts.

If the nanny has tutored and prepared the child for their entry exams, you should consider how much time they have spent with the child, planning that went into the preparation, continuous support they offered to the child and you; and then reward your nanny accordingly- little card with a big thank you, a dinner for two, financial reward, it is up to you, but whatever the reward is, the nanny will be happy and will fall in love with her job even more.

Who will benefit? You and your children.

Individual and tailored approach that the nannies offer is hard to beat by any other childcare provider; it allows nannies to get to know the child, their interests and development quickly and to meet their every need.

So, how will you reward your nanny today?

About Martina Vanickova

Martina Vanickova is the founder and CEO of The Training Umbrella, private assessment centre, delivering accredited childcare courses to nannies, nursery staff, child minders and teaching assistants in London, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and looking to expand to China."As small children, adult learners are each unique and special individual and it is my and the company’s ethos to treat each person as such. I believe that this is one of the contributing factors to our 100% success completion rate since we opened in 2012. There are many training providers, who see profit before the well-being of their learners. How can we raise standard in the industry, if we view learners as “money bags” and qualify individuals who should, frankly, never be employed to look after our children? If you are looking for a reason to see why I do what I do, this is it." MartinaMartina is ardent defender of nanny rights and she is currently looking to explore this area professionally. Martina is a passionate promoter of gender equality, who believes in supporting other women to achieve their full potential in business and personal life, while harmoniously sharing their lives, with their partners, whatever the gender.

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