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The Manny AKA Mr. Nanny!

When talking about a perfect childcare specialist, most people automatically think of a Mary Poppins, who is extremely professional, educated, well—mannered, experienced, creative and fun. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! However, not that many people can imagine an extremely professional, educated, well-mannered, experienced, creative and fun Nanny…who is a Male. Or, simply put, a Manny. Not yet. And this, on the other hand, is wrong – because we believe that true Mannies are awesome!

Estate & Manor Magazine have spoken to Daniel Butcher, a professional and incredibly experienced Mr. Nanny himself, who now runs a specialized Manny agency in Los Angeles. Angeles Mannies provide the best male childcare specialists, who are becoming more and more popular each year, as a lot of parents tend to discover numerous benefits of hiring a Manny for their little (or not so little) ones.

“Eyebrows do still get raised in certain pockets of the community. For me, I feel I have picked the perfect area to build a business. Mannies in Los Angeles are still heavily outnumbered by Nannies, however there is such a change amongst these affluent areas that are constantly under a microscope; I think it will not be long before more people will take notice and begin to see the benefits.

I’d say most of my clients are upper class, well-known members of the community. People use my agency because they see me working with children and look to find their own male nanny. I make it an easy process for them to meet up with the large number of Mannies who I have personally met, interviewed and pre-screened, as well as having the ability to check the Mannie’s references, education history, complete thorough background checks from three different sources and coordinate the whole process. Everything really just depends on the situation at hand and the vibe of the household. I have found the majority of my clients to be same sex female couples, single Moms, or families with very busy Fathers. The advantage is bringing in that male energy to the household. The families either need an extra set of hands or are looking for their children to improve at something; usually either their attitude, academics, sports, or a combination of all.

I have filled requests for sons and daughters of all ages. The reasons I get requests for a Manny for girls from families can range anywhere from “the Father being away on business 20 days of the month while the Mother wants someone to tire their daughter out on the field” to “We need someone to come in with a firm disposition, who my daughter will listen to and take seriously”. In addition, girls with brothers tend to get involved in very active lifestyles and Mannies can skip in very well to this dynamic.

Mannies work with children of all ages – from birth upwards! I have a very good friend I met when starting Angeles Mannies who is a male postpartum doula. He is the “baby whisperer” of LA, he is fantastic! I myself have been a Manny to a 6 month old, and we are still very much present in each others’ lives.

Becoming a Manny is not all that difficult. If you have the passion and drive and are willing to do it, leave your drama at the door, you’ve got it! We do ask for a college degree, experience in childcare and some kind of talent in the academic, sporting or creative arts. I would initially recommend joining the International Nanny Association, and taking their Basic Nanny Skills assessment. I also highly recommend completing a CPR/AED/1st Aid course in your local area. These would show you are serious about becoming a Manny and not just waiting for the next best thing to come along.

My Mannies have their roots firmly planted in either teaching, sporting, or academia. They also come as an evolution from a program specialist at a summer camp or from an au pair program looking to settle. They all specialize in something specific, and each possess their own unique talent or spin. We just want great, goofy, fun loving guys who can also be the schedule makers and household authorities in the absence of the parents (or even in the presence of the family in some instances). We ask for guys who are genuinely interested in enriching the lives of children and alleviating stress within a household. We look for professional, energetic, discreet individuals who have had ample childcare experience, preferably in a domestic environment and a knowledge of etiquette when entering an employer’s estate. Not sure how they would hold up against Hulk Hogan in an apron, but I’ll watch the movie and get back to you!

I feel that sometimes guys may be less into taking on a role as a Manny due to the stigma that’s attached to a male making a living out of caring for children. I can honestly say that it’s an absolutely fantastic profession but it is not easy, and most guys cannot handle it. If you think it’s something you’d like to make a career out of then go for it! Do not expect to be making your dream income with your 1st family, but if you treat it as a career, work on yourself, build your skill set and qualifications, you will quickly become a sought after asset to any family.

I myself was coming up against a wall with regards to finding work through the local agencies here in LA, there were very few male nanny vacancies coming up. I started to wonder if this was because families did not prefer a male, or if the agencies were not finding the right Mannies. After some research and networking, I came to learn that many families were very open to the idea. Soon after, Angeles Mannies was born. Since then it hasn’t been difficult for clients or candidates to find me!”

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