How To Find a Nanny Housekeeper

Many families often try to find private household staff who are able to combine certain roles and add more versatility to their household.

A nanny housekeeper is a staff member who is highly sought after by households across the World due to their ability to not only take care of children, but to also to ensure the household is in a clean state on a daily basis.

What does a nanny housekeeper do?

As the title suggests, a nanny housekeeper will divide their duties into 2 parts. One part nanny or babysitter, the other half would consist of hands-on household management. On the side of housekeeping, duties would typically include:

  • Care of linens
  • Cleaning of surfaces
  • Tidying of walk ways and storage areas
  • Garment care
  • General errands
  • and more…

Typically, for families with younger children who do not attend school,  the nanny housekeeper’s primary objective would be the care of the child (unless there is a specific nanny hired for this) with the housekeeping duties being of a secondary priority. 

For families with older children who do attend school, the cleaning and tidying of the house would take precedent over the childcare duties simply due to the fact the children wouldn’t be home during the day time.

How much does a nanny housekeeper cost?

When hiring a nanny housekeeper, it[‘s important to understand how much you’re willing to pay on a weekly basis. Typically, a nanny housekeeper in major cities like New York, Los Angeles, London and so on will demand a larger salary. 

For example, in Manhattan, a nanny housekeeper could expect to earn up to $1000.00 per week, while in London around £550.00 per week.

This would also include live in accommodation. Should you provide separate housing, the weekly salary figure would be less due to the fact the member of staff would not need to contribute anything towards their accommodation.

Outside of major cities, the weekly figure would be reduced around 15% – but it is important to note that paying a good salary to begin with will ensure your employee is never needing to constantly be looking for better paid opportunities.

That said, having spoken to many professional private staff, money is not the biggest influence behind staying at a job! Respect and treated equally has a huge impact on staying power.

Since there are always nanny housekeeper jobs on the horizon, it pays to offer both of the aforementioned.

Live in nanny housekeeper or live out nanny housekeeper

There is no difference between the two apart from accommodation. Live in nanny housekeepers have accommodation provided within your own residence or grounds, while a live out nanny housekeeper will either not be provided with any accommodation, or have separate housing. 

If you’re after a live out staff member, it’s important that you make this absolutely clear early on – as mentioned, offering separate accommodation can influence the weekly salary, but if the accommodation is far from your residence, consider travel time etc.

Where to find a nanny housekeeper?

Domestic staff agencies

You can find a nanny housekeeper in various ways. Firstly domestic agencies specialise in the recruitment of household staff and are able to find suitable candidates for you, for a fee.

Typically, placement fees range from 15-25% of the annual salary of the staff member.

So if a nanny housekeeper job is $800.00 per week, the agency fee would be approximately $9000.00 USD – this would probably include a 3 month replacement.

If things did not work out, but anything after this, you would need to go through an agency again and pay the placement fee again.

Domestic staff jobsites

There are plenty of generic job sites out there allowing you to pay to post jobs. The problem with generic job sites is you will receive applications from all over and from all different manner of people (mostly with zero experience). 

So you would spend a lot of time having to sift through applications to find a gem.

Then you have very specific and highly targeted job boards who focus on domestic staff; nannies, housekeepers, butlers, chefs..and so on – who allow you to post your vacancy to reach their database of domestic professionals.

We actually have our own domestic job site which for domestic staffing agencies and families all over the world to help them find staff without paying placement fees.

Looking to hire a nanny housekeeper at the moment?

Here are a few simple tips when it comes to getting more responses with your job advertisement

  • Clearly specify expected duties
  • Make sure you mention how many hours are expected to work per week
  • Ensure you mention how many children, any pets etc.
  • Mention the fittings inside your home and give an idea of experience required.
  • Do not just put ‘on experience’ as a salary – you will discourage many applicants. Put figures (“between $500 – $800 per week on experience”)
  • Display days off clearly but ask for a degree of flexibility where required.

Why not try and find a member of staff through our private staff job site? It currently costs just $77.00 USD to post a job and reach a highly targeted audience of domestic professionals.

Our Estate & Manor job site is used by domestic agencies and families Worldwide to start their search for relevant candidates.


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