Basic Structure for Black Tie Events Part One

Fundraisers are fun to attend, but there is an enormous amount of planning which goes into one memorable evening. The following articles will provide some quick tips to get you thinking about what is really involved when you want to host a Black Tie event. We will touch on the basic structure of planning Black Tie Events in this 6 part series.

What’s the purpose?

Identifying the reason you want to host this event could be anything from you want to celebrate an important accomplishment to you wish to raise money for a cause.

As you are mulling ideas about, ask yourself why you want to do this:

  • Display rare antiques
  • Highlight a new art acquisition
  • Host an auction where items will be sold
  • Celebrate an engagement
  • Celebrate a corporate accomplishment
  • Showcase an individual with a new product (a movie, a new music album, a new book, a new tangible product, a new service available for those in attendance, etc)
  • Introduce a new artist, such as a new band, who will also serve as the entertainment for the evening
  • Costume party
  • Give a tour of the building or luxury home in which the event will take place.
  • Get attention and collect donations for a cause

Think about the purpose, location, estimated guest list size, and then you can think about the theme of your event. Next line that up with your budget and how many people can help you plan this to scale up or down on the complexities of your party. Once you have a clear idea of the basics, write it down.

Next time the writer of this series, G.J. dePillis will discuss how to assemble your committee to help you plan.

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