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Budget Planning For Black Tie Events

Last time, we reviewed how to assemble the committee and sub-committees to help plan your event. Now that you have that settled, there may be some other elements which would impact your budget.

In your committee, answer these questions to help narrow down your needs. Once you answer them, you can decide what elements you can not have at your event, what will need to be donated, and what you can splurge on

Pondering budgets beg the questions:

  • Will you fund this endeavor out of your personal funds?
  • Do you plan to sell tickets?
  • Do you need to create a presentation to request money to host this event?
  • Is there a group who has given you a budget?
  • Are you guaranteed to get a certain number of attendees? For example, if you are hosting an event to showcase a new musician, can you assume the musician’s agent, family, friends will be in attendance?
  • Do you want an intimate dinner where topics need to be discussed and agreed upon or do you need large crowds in attendance for media coverage reasons?
  • Do you need to pay for the location in which the event will be held or is that included in your plans?
  • Will you want media at this event? Will you need special accommodations for the media/press? This includes hotel rooms, special place for them to sit during the event so they can make reports or take unobstructed photographs/ video, a place where they can make phone calls or type up articles without too much background noise. This may include access to Wi-Fi, ability to make cell phone calls, access to printers, separate snacks, etc.

Now that you have clarified the impacts on budget, next let us review what transportation options guests may expect at your event.

Next time the writer of this series, G.J. dePillis will discuss how to organise and execute transportation for your event.

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