How to Plan a Successful Event

Planning an event requires special attention to detail. Before you contact the various people who will plan your event, it is advisable that you know the basics:

  • What type of event – birthday, anniversary, awards banquet, party for friends, blessing ceremony, bachelor party
  • The number of guests, including you and your immediate family
  • Your budget

Each type of event has special requirements and themes. The different needs of an effervescent bachelor party and an honorary awards banquet will stipulate essentially different styles in location, food, music and tone. And, the number of guests will have a significant impact on choices for location.

When you list all the components that pertain to an event, you can disentangle the needs to create a manageable show that contains all the elements of a successful and memorable experience.


Your event setting creates the basic tone for the day. Not only will you ensure you have room to make all of your guests comfortable but also you set the style of your party.

The Place – may be a luxury villa, a yacht, or a hired space: maybe a nightclub, a tennis club, a golf club, a winery, a restaurant, a hotel’s lobby. Your imagination and budget set the limits.

An important detail that many event planners forget is to check the distances between the place where the event takes place and visitor accommodation. If you want your guests to stay until late and have fun it is better not to be too far. As romantic as a venue may be, if your guests have to travel far they may leave early so as not to be anxious about their way back.

Make certain there is enough parking space in proximity to the event or consider a valet service.



Music livens any event. Your first choice is whether to have live musicians to a DJ. The first option is by far more expensive unless you select a very famous DJ.

Even if you book a singer or a band, hiring a DJ as well is still advisable. The DJ will keep the party spirit going during musician breaks. Continuous music will keep your party lively.

Choice of music –  Rock ‘n’ Roll, Disco, House, Electronic, Ethnic/Local music, Jazz, Blues, or a mix. You may want to consider a thematic night such as only 60’s or only 80’s.

On the day of your event, check the sound before the music begins. You don’t want a malfunctioning electrical outlet or cord to silence your party.



Choose a menu and serving style that fits the occasion.

Food – Seafood or meat? Maybe BBQ? Traditional kitchen or international? Could be a casual Italian night with pizza and pasta or a sushi night. What kind of sweet or dessert, e.g. ice cream?

Serving Style – Round tables or buffet? Indoor or outdoor seating?

Utensils, linens and glassware – choose a style to go with your theme.

Chef – Check on the chefs CV, and get recommendations.

Service Staff – Determine the number of waiters for the event by calculating how many people each waiter serves.



Along with water and, perhaps, a juice selection consider the type of alcohol served and the service staff.

Bartender – Check the CV of the bartender and get recommendations. Ask him how many cocktails he can mix and taste them in advance.

Drinks Lists – If you serve wine decide if the list be limited or extensive. Determine the basic needs for a list of cocktails for your guests.

Will you serve champagne? Or sweet wine to accompany the dessert?

Sommelier – Especially for sit down dinners with an extensive wine list a sommelier will make suggestions for your guests and pour in elegance.

Double check on the appropriate glassware for cocktails, types of wine, and champagne!


Extra Details Make a Difference

Every detail counts toward making your event successful.

Make sure you have water and other refreshments.

Coffee and tea – absolutely!

Digestives, mints, or small candies.

If you and the bartender make a list of bar requirements, he will have everything he needs to mix drinks. For example:

  • ice
  • eggs
  • fruit
  • sugar
  • salt
  • spices

Check that there is enough space behind the bar for the bartender to be able to work in peace and that the refrigerator is not far away.



Decorations set the tone and mood of your event. All of these details add to the overall feeling.

Candles and other soft lighting create a sense of intimacy.

Flowers and flower arrangements may be color themed, casual or formal in arrangement.

Tables and chairs for all guests.

Fabric decor such as tulles and curtains.

Table linens – quality of fabric, paper, or plastic?

Color or color combinations for tablecloths and napkins.


Special Show

To make your event truly memorable, consider a special show for your party depending on the theme of your event. An event within an event is a focal point for creating long-lasting memories.

  • fireworks
  • magicians
  • clowns
  • famous celebrities’ show
  • famous bands or singers


Event Manager

A capable event manager to coordinate every detail assures everything is in place and functioning when the event takes place. If he or she looks very talented, then do challenge them with special requests in order to make your event even more unique.


Organization and Detail

From your first idea to the end, a successful event that is memorable and pleasurable for you and your guests starts with organization and succeeds with taking care of each and every detail. Careful planning and on site management will create a sense of seamless enjoyment for your guests.

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