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Beverly Hills Interiors – Luxurious and Stylish Interiors

When we see photos and videos of celebrities in their homes that look incredibly lush and fantastically desirable, we cannot help but wonder what it would be like to have a house or a villa like that. We imagine what design we would have chosen and what we would have changed or kept if we were to live in a gorgeous place like that. Baroque or Minimalism? Art Nouveau or Medieval Castle? A warm chalet or a strikingly modern penthouse? Decisions, decisions… Meet Ron Dayan, a person who has dedicated his life to luxurious interior design; a person who spends every day choosing the best interior solutions for estates and manors; a person whose job is to make sure that every luxury property in his care looks its best and feels its coziest!

Ron kindly agreed to tell Estate & Manor Magazine a bit about his creative practice and his business.  Ron Dayan, MBID., leads Beverly Hills Interiors, which is an international business providing a most comprehensive interior architecture and interior design services. Having nearly 30 years of experience behind his back, Ron possesses deep knowledge in the field of design – he has been involved in various stages and particular aspects of interior design. He has sold and purchased furnishings, worked in a home improvement centre, carpet showroom and even at a furniture factory before he found himself in the shoes of a world-class interior design expert.

Here is what Ron has revealed to us about his work and day-to-day duties:

“The most exciting moment for me in a design project, is setting up the lights for the photo shoot. The joy in taking a thought through the process of sketching converted into a detailed drawing, gathering samples of the materials, presenting to the client, and supervising work at the job site.  The ‘creative process’ produces a sense of gratification many other professions envy. I’m truly blessed for the ability to turn dreams into reality.

Beverly Hills Interiors provides a complete service for all projects on Land, Air and Sea; From conceptual development through manufacturing and supervision of installations- Worldwide. We serve clients in a caring and pampering manner, always keeping them informed of the progress, development and educating about the process. Our clients are engaged in the design process; they don’t just fund the fruits of their dreams, but participate to the extent they desire. While some projects have been executed in days, others, can take up to 2 months, depending on the conditions at the job site.  Fabulous global resources leave our clients astonished at our “Instant-Decor” service.  “Every day is like a festive holiday” noted a client, when trucks were unloading at her Washington, D.C.  manor, and tradespeople were rushing about on their assignments to complete a 10,000 sq ft property in just 19 days!

We serve clients from different countries and cultures. Having been brought up in 8 countries and traveled the globe extensively for British Airways, I have common interests with all of our clients. Beverly Hills Interiors do not decline a project because of its size or budget. It’s all about personal relationships, which are the prime importance to us.  Compatibility, understanding and respect are the guidelines to accept a project.”

Current transformation of a relatively cozy home on the shores of the Pacific Ocean in Malibu has been a challenge, which we have met with great success. Small spaces demand clever use of scale, proportion within the architecture. Lighting is an important element which we pay a great deal of attention to, and often introduce elements of surprise to keep a lighthearted spirit in the décor!

As the chief designer, or “The Brain” as some Clients refer to me, I envision the total design concept, prepare sketches, drawings, make initial selections of materials to fit my vision. While doing so, I’m always open to suggestions, that I adopt instantly when contributed either by our supporting cast or the client. Every project has a project superintendent; whether it’s 1km away from our Beverly Hills studio, or 10,000km. We communicate daily, sometimes hourly.

When designing private jet interiors, the working and leisure environment we create inspires business executives, athletes, musicians and others to focus on accomplishing the tasks at their final destination.  The state of mind created in private air spaces affords the tranquility for the travelers to be at their very best upon arrival. Nothing snobbish about it.

My favourite design and decor is the one I’m engaged on at the time question is asked. I take on projects bring artistic challenge, presets financial and time limits. So when we bring them to the finishing line successfully, on time and at, or below assigned budget, the gratification is priceless. Liking the prospect client is another motivation for me to accept assignments, and attractive destinations to travel to is always mesmerising.”

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