Boost Crew Performance With Annual Appraisals

Performance = Potential (minus Interference)

Boost crew performance, reduce personnel problems and build loyalty with regular private and confidential individual and team appraisals. Set clear objectives and explore how they will be achieved, with the full agreement of everyone involved. This comprehensive service is designed to give DPAs, Management, Owners and Captains a comprehensive but simple and effective solution for enhancing performance and retaining key crew.

Why invest time in crew appraisals?

Crew are one of the most expensive operational ‘systems’ onboard a yacht, and yet we currently invest very little in crew maintenance. The cost of replacing crew members is high, not just in terms of paying new placement fees, but downtime in training and other hidden costs such as uniform, etc. Additionally each time a new crew member is introduced there is the possibility of unbalancing the dynamics onboard as new personalities adjust to one another. All of this takes a hidden toll and can negatively impact productivity and service levels.

Conducting independent individual performance reviews can result in much higher levels of staff satisfaction and loyalty, and iron out existing and potential problems before they result in crew departures or blowouts, thereby lowering crew costs at the same time as increasing productivity.

We invest in the maintenance of all other systems onboard the yacht – isn’t it time we also did this for the one system the yacht absolutely cannot operate without?

How does it work?

Crew who feel valued and recognized stay longer, provide a deeper level of care and service, pay closer attention to safety, keep the yacht and owner’s best interests at heart, take care of the yacht better and invest more ‘discretionary effort’ in their daily work.

When should we do it?

The idea of this service is to perform an annual review, while simultaneously teaching the captain and senior crew the process and giving them the tools so they can repeat this with probationary, first six months and ongoing annual reviews with their crew. Ideally this should take place prior to the start of each season but could also happen in the winter months to lay the foundations for a stronger, more efficient and harmonic team.

What will we gain?

More engaged, positive and motivated crew who understand clearly the definition of what is expected of them individually and as a team. Gives everyone a good measure of where they are against these objectives and a clear understanding of how to make any improvements necessary to achieve outstanding performance.

About Alison Rentoul

Born in Melbourne, Australia, Alison came to Europe in her early twenties and began her career in yachting in 1998. After many years cruising throughout the Mediterranean and Caribbean as a superyacht stewardess and chef, followed by a reputable career in marketing for many of the industry’s leading players, Alison retrained as a professional development coach and founded the Crew Coach in 2009. Alison is 100% committed to helping people discover what they are deeply passionate about and truly capable of, and giving them clarity and focus on how to go forth and bring their aspirations to life. The Crew Coach offers career coaching, CV services, leadership training and team workshops to help clients leverage their personal and team potential to create success in their chosen field of yachting. We coach individual crew at all levels of their career and also work with Captains, owners, and senior crew to build high performing teams and develop outstanding industry reputations.

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